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Listen to the track below!

Image: Jackson Thornbury

Adelaide-based singer-songwriter Jess Day has shared her new single, East. Day is currently in the midst of her national tour, having already taken to the stage in Sydney and Brisbane.

“East is about being hesitant to commit. You're less invested than the other party, acting like a bit of a player at the start and avoiding settling down. But eventually, that dynamic gets flipped on its head and you end up switching roles. Finally warmed to the idea, it's too late. They've checked out, rightly so, and are moving on. It's a classic tale of self-sabotage and wanting the unattainable.” the singer shares of the track.

Day will perform at Melbourne's Northcote Social Club on May 27, before the tour wraps up in Adelaide on May 28. Day will be bringing along Molly Millington for the tour, with tickets on sale now.

East is out now!

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