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The track appears on the singers EP of the same name

Image: Supplied.

LA based indie pop artist Jazzie Young has just released her fresh music video for her latest track grown up & grown apart. With her confessional songwriting infused with the modern hooks of indie-pop, Young brings her spirit to the imagery in the final instalment to the video trilogy of tracks from her debut EP grown up & grown apart.

The visuals provide an ethereal folk quality that is reminiscent of artists such as Taylor Swift and Florence + The Machine, with country elements paralleled in both the visual, vocals and sound. The video achieves something uniquely beautiful through the use of close-ups, pans and cross fades, evocative of beloved country music videos, but brought into the modern world through a rich and vibrant setting as well the use of contemporary dance. Think, a visual Billie Eilish would like to achieve based on what we’ve seen her create lately with clips like your power, executed perfectly by Young and her team. Something both whimsical and strong in it’s presentation. If Outlander are looking for a song to put to their trailer for the new season, check this out.

Speaking of the clip, Young shares: “This trilogy is about the journey from emotional suppression to emotional freedom. It follows the main character Violet as she explores what it means to be at peace with who you are and what you need, moving her from a self-critical mindset to a more tender and accepting one.”

What’s especially special about this release is that Young wrote the EP by herself in the midst of quarantine in the US. Contemplating and reflecting on her own self-exploration, relationships and friendships she’s experienced in her early twenties up until the present. With the production having been achieved remotely with Shawn Guess. A really special production note about the EP is that it was also recorded in her father’s studio which was built in the 70’s.

Making her debut last year with If You Love Me, Young has a rich history with music, having learnt classical piano and violin at the age of three, having adding ukulele, recorder, and guitar to her repertoire since. The musician gets her songwriting prowess from her father, legendary folksinger Jesse Colin Young, who kickstarted his own career during the 1960s as frontman of the Youngbloods.

grown up & grown apart is out now! Watch the visual below.


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