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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Muse is out now!

Image: Michelle Pitiris.

Naarm/Melbourne-based indie-rock artist Jacob Fitzgerald is back with his new single, Muse. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five emerging artists that he thinks everyone should be listening to!

“Essentially, there are times where I'm writing about love/lust, but I’m not actively in love or possessing a similar feeling. In those situations, I found I naturally gravitate to basing the subject around this one particular person. To be honest, I don’t even really know her, but she somehow is tattooed into my subconscious and is someone I can draw inspiration from EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I dunno, she just has the ‘thing’.” the musician shares of the track.

To celebrate the release, Fitzgerald is hitting the road! The musician will embark on an east coast tour, supporting Selfish Sons, which kicks off Naarm/Melbourne tomorrow night. The run of shows will continue on to Meanjin/Brisbane, Yugambeh/Tamborine and Yugambeh/ the Gold Coast, before wrapping up in Eora/Sydney on August 20.


I’m a JUNO fanboy. I just can’t deal with their arrangements and their ability to make absolute bangers! Fronting the band is Khalia Ferguson who has FRICKEN PIPES! She somehow can effortlessly jump around on stage whilst still belting notes and pumping up the crowd. Pair that with Sam Woods who is the guitarist/producer of the unit and mannnn… you won’t be disappointed. JUNO can party. Their live show is so infectious and incredibly impressive. They work hard, they write good songs and are regularly stuck in my head. They’re just ace. Check em out!


Ahhhh the Bricks… I love these fellas. Not only are they some of the kindest people you’ll meet, but they also make such dreamy music. They have this reggae-fusion/indie-pop vibe that just works so well. Levi’s vocals just scratch an itch on my brain. Very fun to play with. Very lucky to have met them.


Now this new act blew me away. I stumbled upon them when attending a gig with bassist Alex “Rick” Walker one Thursday night. Dreaming Soda are nostalgia in a can. They sound like the colour pink and make you feel like you live inside a Tamagotchi. Any band that make me feel a “thing” when seeing them live get my vote. Creative songwriting, wicked synth sounds and tight drums make it a treat on the ear. I’m hooked.


I consider myself very lucky to be able to tour alongside a band that I’m a genuine fan of. I remember stumbling across Selfish Sons when they dropped Spyglass a few years back. I’ve been an avid listener and consumer of anything the boys have dropped since. There are only three of em and they make rock music that sounds BLOODY MASSIVE. You can tell they have real chemistry and make music they care about. Do yourselves a favour. (Hard Enough has to be my current fav btw… killer!).


This guy’s just creative as heck. Talented and so knowledgeable around all things music. His track Brand New Car is just fun as all hell. I’ve seen it live and that is a whole new thing. Bailey has a really energetic personality that seems to spill into his band unit too. He has FUN up there. It’s what makes me a fan and an active listener of his music. Wicked.

Muse is out now!


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