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Watch our full interview with Warbaby!

Wollongong based musician Dylan Rodgers is set to release his debut EP, under the pseudonym Warbaby. The name was born when Rodgers, who is also a band member of Left Side Filter, was looking for an alter ego within Big Twisty & The Funknasty. One night he came up with the name Warbaby, and the rest is history.

Last month, Rodgers dropped his first single under Warbaby, Cowboys Escape, a cowboy spaghetti Western inspired track that is purely instrumental. Rodgers wrote and recorded parts of the track in his home, using a cassette recorder to tape the song. The drums from these initial recordings were used for the final recording of the song. “I can’t sing so that's kind of my take on music when you can’t sing, you have to kind of just come up with something nice to listen to”. Writing the rhythm parts first, Rodgers slowly added more instrumentation to the track, writing and recording all the parts (besides the drums) himself.

His debut EP, SONGS FOR THE LIVING, was recorded and mixed by the musician and mastered by his Left Side Filter bandmate, Blake Lauricella. The release continues Rodgers unique instrumental sounds, exploring multiple genres. Starting off with cowboy spaghetti Western influences, the EP starts to turn and incorporate softer sounds, slowing down from the faster pace in which SONGS FOR THE LIVING kicks off with.

The lack of lyrical content doesn’t phase Rodgers. He is constantly aware of what he wants to bring to each track, stating “I’ve always got in my mind something you’d want to listen to while you’re trying to fall asleep, or you’re just driving to the beach or something and you just wanna chuck that on.”

Rodgers is also a member of the south-coast alternate rock band, Left Side Filter. The band have spent the majority of the year working on their upcoming Halloween inspired EP, and have just been announced on Yours & Owls' massive 2021 line up. On the differences between working within a band environment versus a solo environment, Rodgers said “…you can kind of, sort of jam it out and kind of come up with something together and like everyone adds like something of their own unique to the song and it becomes a cool collaboration. Whereas making a song completely yourself … the song comes out as a unique representation of yourself at the end.”

To top it all off, Rodgers plays guitar for Big Twisty in his live act, Big Twisty & The Funknasty. The funk meets hip-hop band is the side project of Pacific Avenue’s drummer, Dom Littrich. Big Twisty & The Funknasty are also slated to perform at next years Yours & Owls festival, meaning Rodgers has double billing on the line up.

Rodgers hopes to get a band together to perform his Warbaby tracks live, however nothing has been confirmed.

Checkout our full interview with Warbaby above! Cowboys Escape is out now!

Filming: Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Laurence Morassut

Featured Song: Cowboys Escape courtesy of Warbaby


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