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Watch our full interview with Tulliah!

Earlier this year, Victorian singer-songwriter Tulliah has unveiled her remarkable debut EP, Fre$h Hugs. We caught up with the musician in Sydney whilst she embarked on her first ever headline tour to chat about the EP, playing live, why her car is named Parker and so much more!

The release explores teenage experiences, documenting and navigating mental health, romance and familial relationships. The personal body of work draws from the singers own life and those who surround her, creating honest and relatable compositions that serves as a time capsule of moments experienced in her final year of high school.

Made alongside producer Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly, The Rubens), the pair honed in on the singers sound, drawing threads from her catalogue of voice memos to mould one succinct body of work, and discover the sounds and sonics present throughout the EP. In addition, Grammy-winning producer David Kahne (Lana Del Ray, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks) produced string arrangements that feature on the EP.

After her Sydney performance was cancelled duo to the recent COVID-19 restrictions placed upon the greater Sydney region, Tulliah will wrap up her tour this Friday at Melbourne's Workers Club. Tickets are on sale now!

Fre$h Hugs is out now! Watch our interview with Tulliah above.

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely) and Okay courtesy of Tulliah and Positive Feedback


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