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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Satin Cali!

To celebrate the release of their stellar new single Preacher, we sat down with Wollongong band Satin Cali to chat about the track, playing the song live on a bus that roamed their hometown, what they have in store for 2021 and so much more! The four-piece even treated us to a stripped back rendition of Preacher.

Written in just five minutes, Preacher sees the band expand their sonics, foraying further into the alt-rock sounds threaded within their debut single, Orange. Having remain unchanged since the initial writing session, the csong conceptually tackles the environment frontman Zac Goluch grew up in, recognising the differences between himself and those around him whilst affirming that it is ok to hold different values and beliefs. The four-piece took to the streets of Wollongong, performing live from a bus to piece together a visual for the song. Putting out a call to fans on social media, Satin Cali were inundated with requests from fans hoping the band would pull up in their driveway for a unique live performance.

Made up of Goluch Isaac Flaherty (lead guitar), Jake Payne (Bass) and Daniel Devlin (Drums), Satin Cali came to be after Flaherty was searching for a new couch. After being referred to Devlin in the hopes of securing a flash new lounge for his digs, Flaherty spotted a drum kit in the corner of the room and asked Devlin if he could play. He replied yes and the rest is history. Bringing on Flaherty's former band mate Payne, Goluch joined the band and the rest is history.

Existing between the realms of surf-rock and alt-rock, Satin Cali burst onto the scene with their debut single, Orange. Off the back of the release, the band received airplay from Triple J and BBC Radio 1, also chatting with resident legend Jack Saunders live on air. With a slew of new music up their sleeves, the four-piece hope to release a string of singles throughout 2021, before dropping a full-length body of work next year.

After selling out their debut headline performance late last year, Satin Cali will make their grand return to the stage this Saturday night to launch their new single, Preacher. Tickets are on sale now!

Preacher is out now. Watch our interview with Satin Cali above, as well as an exclusive performance of the song below!

Filming: Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Laurence Morassut.

Featured Song: Preacher courtesy of Satin Cali


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