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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Navvy!

Last Friday, New Zealand singer Navvy released her third EP, The Final Pieces. The release is the final chapter in a trilogy of releases that documents a journey to emotional independence and self-reflection. Prior the EP’s release, we caught up with Navvy via zoom to chat about The Final Pieces, and more!

Having trained as an opera singer, Navvy made the change to pop music and never looked back. Cutting ties with her training and choral choirs, the singer set her sights on becoming a pop musician. On The Final Pieces, the singer cements her place as one of pop musics most exciting up and coming acts.

The Final Pieces sees Navvy close the book on a story that has played out over three releases. That story is one of heartbreak, more specifically navigating your first heartbreak. Wanting to steer clear of a traditional album at this point in her career, the singer has created a trilogy that in a sense feels like one full-length release, but also have their own independence within the wider conceptual realm they’re situated in.

Working on the release with Wells*, Sam de Jong and Martin Sjølie, she leaves behind the naivety present on her first EP, resolving the heartbreak she felt, feeling more confident than ever. Of the collaborative process, the singer admits she was initially hesitant to collaborate with other musicians. Now, she is an advocate for collaborating, loving how artists can feed off each other to create a piece of art.

The Final Pieces is out now! Watch our interview with Navvy above.

Featured Song: Somebody Else courtesy of Navvy and Positive Feedback.


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