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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with LOONS!

Newcastle band LOONS may be young, but the Aussie band already have an EP under their belt, played a string of shows across the east coast, and have now dropped their latest single TV In My Bedroom.

The track came to be during the COVID-19 pandemic when lead singer Elijah Cairns found himself needing a creative push. The vocalist sat down with his guitar in hand and started writing TV In My Bedroom. After sending the track to his fellow band mates, bassist Mason Cappiello, drummer Bailey Muendel and Guitarist Ely Cameron, the band waited until they were able to get into a studio to record the track.

There the band began to experiment, adding layer upon layer until reaching the final cut. Starting from vocals and acoustic guitar, the band ventured out into unchartered territory, adding synths and vocal layers to the surf-rock track.

The band take their name from the word “lunatics”, feeling the word describes their crazy, erratic style. LOONS released their debut EP earlier this year and are focusing on releasing more singles before a full length LP. With a festival slot scheduled for the back end of 2020, the band hope to tour nationally in 2021.

Checkout our full interview with LOONS above! TV In My Bedroom is out now!

Filming: Vasili Papathanasopoulos and Barbara Papathanasopoulos

Featured Song: TV In my Bedroom courtesy of LOONS


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