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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Barley Passable!

Sydney-based duo Barley Passable have us hooked again, this time with the release of their debut EP, Hindsight. We sat down with the dynamic duo, Kai Ollman and Davy Brown to chat about the release, and so much more.

Forming in early 2019, Ollman and Brown joined forces after a mutual distaste of their studies. After spending twelve months working on original music, the duo dropped their debut single, All I Have, in June last year. Soon after, the band released Whether Or Not, before turning their attention towards releasing a succinct body of work.

Featuring the singles Step Inside and Turnaround, the EP explore events of their past, from unrequited love and fleeting moments of invincibility, to self realisation and growing from negative experiences. Set atop synth-infused electro soundscapes, the collection of songs were written, recorded and produced entirely out of the the duos home studio, with the project fusing together music, film, fashion and photography.

Influenced by French Disco and Euro Pop, Ollman and Brown bring their own distinct and unique take on the genre, with Hindsight serving as catalogue of irresistible tunes. The pairs distinct vocals combined with scintillating synths is screaming to be played on the dance floor, and is sure to get you grooving along.

Hindsight is out now. Watch our interview with Barley Passable above

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Turnaround and Silver (Unseen) courtesy of Barley Passable.


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