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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Austen!

Last month, indie-pop songstress Austen unveiled her new single, North South East West. As Melbourne went back into lockdown, the singer killed some time by having a chat with MILKY, discussing the track, her upcoming run of shows, the inspiration for her visuals and so much more!

Co-written with Evan Klar and Hailey Collier, and produced by Klar, the track is built upon rolling percussion and lush instrumentation, with Austen's vocals floating above the dream-like sonics. Conceptually, the song serves as an ode to the honeymoon period of relationships, capturing the fun and loving moments. The song was inspired by a previous flame of the singer, who proved to be a toxic love. Instead of writing a song about those emotions, the singer decided to flip it on its head instead taking a polar opposite approach.

The track arrived with a sixties inspired visual, filmed by Teel Studios (JOY., Nyxen, Miss Blanks). The joyous clip sees Austen take on a variety of roles, from drummer to audience member and everything in between. Bringing the retro vibes, the singer was inspired by televised performances from the era by legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and more.

To celebrate the release, Austen will be hitting the road next month, bringing her live show to the east coast. Kicking off at Waywards in Sydney, the tour will continue on to Melbourne, before wrapping up on July 30 in Wollongong. Tickets are on sale now.

Watch our interview with Austen above.


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