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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Last night, Hockey Dad ushered in the spirit of summer fun and community with the first of their two-sold out “Alive At The Drive-In” shows. 400 cars full of fans drove into Bulli Showground to see the band take to the stage for the first time since the release of their third record, Brain Candy.

Originally scheduled to take place on Brain Candy’s release day back in July, but rain got in the way, fans finally got the chance to deck their cars out in everything from rugs to beds, fairy lights to disco lights. By the time The Pinheads took to the stage to give an energetic, raucous set, Bulli Showground was 75% at capacity with more cars driving past the stage, cheering on the band, taking wild Snapchat videos and truly encapsulating the shimmering vibe that was in the air.

Short but sweet, The Pinheads performed a number of fan favourites, recieving an ovation f beeps from the hundreds of cars parked before them. The drive-in setting for a live show allows there to be virtually zero sound issues, with each car tuned into a station, blasting the performance at full-force. The event also saw the screening of surf documentary, Rage 3, between sets.

By the time Hockey Dad took to the stage, the venue was full of cars eagerly beeping as the Winding duo took to the stage. Before long, fans were jumping out, sitting on their windowsills and sitting on the cars roofs and hoods. Mind you, security did usher them back into their cars, but still fans were taking every chance they could get to rave. Due to noise restrictions , the beeping soon turned to headlights and blinkers flashing in place of the usual cheering and clapping found at a traditional live show. The band gave fans what they had been longing for for months: a stellar performance, surrounded by thousands to celebrate music. Albeit, from the comfort of your own car.

With Smoke billowing from car windows, the sounds of drinks clinking whilst cars shook from their seated dance moves, Hockey Dad’s fans showed up in full force to celebrate not only the band and their latest release, but a great return of live music.


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