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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Negatives Into Positives is out now!

Image: Great ~ Falls.

Melbourne indie quintet Great ~ Falls have dropped their debut EP, Negatives Into Positives. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five ways they think you can connect with your inner child.

“Negatives into Positives is a collection of songs about the complexities and intricacies of human relationships and finding the path to better understanding them. The songs were developed over the past five years and reflect an attitude that we always hope to adopt," the band share

“To be Northside Dreaming, approach everything we do with a warm, rich Custard Heart, let our inner April’s Child out, have the Navy Strength to always be open to opportunity and to never, ever drink our tea cold”

How to connect with your inner child you ask? We’ve got just the list to turn your frown upside down and get you bouncing around on a pogo stick like you’re seven again…


Litter your house with disco balls. Don’t be shy. Hang them everywhere. Everyone’s face lights up with the most child-like smiles when they see disco balls. When the sun hits them at just the right time of sunrise/sunset and your room/s turn into a roller derby straight out of the 70s, your inner child will come alight and you will stare at the ceiling with the wonder of a child outside an ice-cream van.


If you are lucky enough to hear the Mister Whippy Ice-Cream Van chime out ‘Greensleeves’ or some other late-sixteenth century banger, run, don’t walk! Chase that truck down and get yourself a chocolate covered peanut sprinkled soft serve. I have never seen an adult’s pupils dilate more quickly than when they clock that music. It’s like an innate wild mammalian response that we can’t control. Ice-cream trucks are so cool that Rupert Grint from Harry Potter went out and bought himself a Bendford Van to live his childhood dream of running one. Can't argue with that wizardry people.


Invest in an inflatable pool for summer. The cheaper the better. Your productivity will go down and your skin will be like a prune but you will never be happier. It’s a new way of having beers with friends and cooling off without using your air conditioner. What’s even better is you can work on your aerobic fitness while you pump that sucker up. What more could you want?

POINT #4 -

Why should kids have all the fun and get to walk around in their undies while we adults have to cover up?! Walk around in your undies at home. Boogie in your undies at home. Shake your tail feathers and wave to your neighbours unapologetically as you mow the lawn, check the mail and take the rubbish out in ya boxers! Yeehaw!

POINT #5 -

As an adult we are told to always shop on the outside aisles of the supermarket as this is where the healthy ‘adult’ food is. BORING ! While it is a good thing to be conscious of your health and eat well, make sure to be a little gremlin from time to time and awake your inner child by taking that trolley for a spin into those naughty middle aisles and picking up some yummies. Zooper Doopers, Mi Goreng, Smiths Crinkle Cut Chips, Bubble O'Bills….JUST DO IT. This will always put a child-like smile back on your face we guarantee.

So to summarise our doctoral thesis on the top 5 ways to connect with your inner child, remember to always dance in your underwear, in your house, under your disco balls with your radioactive fairy floss flavoured Zooper Dooper or cup of Mi Goreng in hand. When you hear those Mr. Whippy Van melodies, run outside, don’t worry about what your bloody neighbours think of you and order that double cone, soft serve chocolate covered peanut sprinkled ice cream and run back into your house ready for your twerking solo. Rinse and repeat. Before you know it, you’ll be full of a youthful, child-like glow once again. You can thank us later.

Negatives Into Positives is out now!


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