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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


I Can See The End is out now!

Image: She Is Aphrodite.

Ballarat-based artist LASHES has teamed up with Melbourne-based artist Lakelend on her new single, I Can See The End. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five facts she thinks everyone should know about LASHES.

“​I Can See The End is about the early stages of liking someone and how unsettling it can feel. I find it really hard to enjoy the ‘crushy’ phase. I’m filled with frantic energy and act like a weird version of myself. I’m hyper-aware of their presence and read into our interactions (to later decipher with my friends instead of just asking).” the singer shares of the track.

“The feature happened organically, I was part of Lakelend’s debut show and since then we became good friends, we bonded over our love of Chase Atlantic, and our similar relationship experiences. We had so much fun in the studio recording Lakelend’s verse and his buttery-bravado fit perfectly with the vibe of the song.”


Before the name LASHES, I had several different artist names. When I was 7 I formed a band with my friend from school and we were called Broken Mist (we even had alias names; she was Clo Broken, and I was Jo Mist and we ran a mock radio station; which played only our own songs). Around 11 I started another duo with my friend Leah, we were called Dollie and our signature colours were pink and black. By the end of high school I was calling myself LUXE, but then every second thing started being called Luxe so I moved to Tokyo Cub. Then, I called myself CUB, which I kept for my early 20’s until I settled on LASHES.


When I was 12 I was obsessed with writing Harry Potter scripts and while on a family trip back to New Zealand I roped some friends I’d grown up with (who I hadn’t seen for 5 years) into rehearsing and acting them out as a play for our parents (sorry Nicole and Brooke). I was Hermione and I’d always replay that one scene where she punches Malfoy. I even had the exact same pink hoodie that she wore in The Prisoner of Azkaban, which I wore for pretty much that whole year.


Following on from my love of script writing, in my late teens I fell heavily into reading fan fiction. Mostly about Hanson, Star Wars and Harry Styles. I want to say that I’ve left my fan-fic reading days behind me but just the other day I decided to give AO3 another whirl and read one about Edward Scissorhands (of all things). It had an alternate ending where Edward and Kim ended up together.


I’m yet to kick off LASHES live shows (my debut show is May 12th at Colour Club). I’m also playing the Ballarat leg of Spilt Milk festival in December, which is nuts! It’s so nice to have my first festival performance happen in my hometown of Ballarat and it’s really great that they are showcasing some of the local talent Ballarat has to offer, like Gangz, Juno Mamba and Sweat Dreams.


Before releasing music into the world as LASHES in 2020, I spent the 10 years prior writing and recording demos in my parents garage. One summer I spent so much time in my bedroom mucking around with vocal manipulation and electronic music that my next door neighbour’s mum came into my room, sat me down and asked me if I was depressed or if anything was wrong at School (lovely of her); but no, I was just making music.

I Can See The End is out now!


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