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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Part of the floor of the Enmore Theatre appeared to collapse during the musicians second song.

Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos.

4x ARIA Award winner Genesis Owusu kicked off his tour in Sydney tonight at the Enmore Theatre, with the show cut short during the second song of the musicians set. Stopping mid way through the track, Owusu asked the crowd if everyone was safe as he had just been informed part of the floor mid-way through the mosh pit had allegedly collapsed.

Punters worked together to clear the floor and keep each other safe, whilst staff assessed the area and damage. Owusu soon returned to the stage to share the news the show would be postponed as conditions were deemed unsafe to continue. At this point, no attendees have been reported to be seriously injured. Whilst there is no rescheduled date for the Sydney show as of yet, the tour is expected to continue on to Adelaide tomorrow, before visiting Brisbane and Melbourne.

Late last year, Owusu took home four out of his eight nominations at the 2021 ARIA Awards, with the musician also offering up one of the nights most captivating performances, playing a medley of tracks including Waitin' on Ya, The Other Black Dog and Don't Need You. Taking out the coveted Album Of The Year for Smiling With No Teeth, Best Hip Hop Release Presented By Menulog, and Best Independent Release Presented by PPCA. Best Cover Art was also awarded to Kofi Ansah and Bailey Howard for their work on the albums imagery.


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