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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single happyness is out now!

Image: Supplied

Experimental audiovisual duo friendships have today announced their new album FISHTANK will be out this September. The announcement was accompanied by the release of the duos new single happyness.

The duo, made up of Misha Grace and Nic Brown, combine Grace’s visual art with Brown’s songwriting. Of their new track, Brown said: "It's a mantra with no guide or strategy to get you to your destination. It comes at a time when you are so disconnected from yourself that you repeat the propaganda so you and others don't realise that your cogs have stopped moving. Your shell is in power saving mode with limited repetitive social cues, but inside you've transformed into a horse that's infinitely falling in a vortex. Imagine that!”

Releasing their debut album Nullarbor 1988-1989 in 2016, the pair went their seperate ways at the end of 2017. After a chance meeting at a mutual friends home, the duo reunited to create FISHTANK.

Of their new album, Brown continued, "FISHTANK is a concept set on a non-linear timeline between the blurring of two worlds. The physical present (your world) and an alternative present reimagined and interpreted in fantasy known as FISHTANK. The narrative follows the descent of an individual through loss of self. A cold decline of skin shedding, emptiness and despair to come full circle at rebirth. Each track and video is a movement or scene cataloging each movement on the descent.”

The ambitious project will continue the pairs collaboration of creating sounds and visuals that play off and compliment each other. FISHTANK is out September 30.

Watch the music video for happyness below!


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