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Stonewall is out now!

Image: Jontee Langton.

Melbourne outfit Franjapan have dropped their new single, Stonewall. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY their top five moments from their years in high school.

Stonewall is aptly named after those encounters between two people where any ideas and conversation are refused solely on the grounds of one's ego . It can be typical in the last stages of a relationship where things have deteriorated to a point of loathing, or moreover between two artists trying to both convey a message they believe in with one or the other person not wanting to budge. To me, this song adopted the perspective of the former - where a relationship is becoming more unhinged, constantly enforced by miscommunication and stonewalling.” Spencer Ward of Franjapan shares.

“The EP Learning Futures was written through 2022, between a hatful of songs we tried and tested, shelving the ones that didn’t resonate the most with us. We were collectively thrilled with the final five to make the EP, having played them at shows throughout the year and receiving some exciting responses from the crowd - this is super reassuring for unreleased material.”

To celebrate the release of Learning Futures, the band will take to the stage at The Espy in Melbourne to host Franjafest. With sets from Holly Hebe, Tough Break, Floozy, Mother Culture, Pretty Bleak and Spenser, tickets are on sale now!


We all went to Cheltenham Secondary College, and our school had a yearly exchange with Windsor Gardens Vocational College in Adelaide where the schools competed with each other for a week in different events of sport, art and academics. Music was one of these events, and this truly was the genesis of Franjapan. We all participated, and to this day something we reminisce on and remember so fondly. Its unbelievably competitive, and ends in one hell of an after party.


Straight after the Windsor exchange I (Dennis) approached all 4 of the other boys and practically begged them to start a band together. Rhys, Oscar were a lock, but Oli and Spencer took some convincing, but all 4 soon agreed and we started jamming songs. Now at this time, Spencer played Piano and sang to my knowledge. But he had behind close doors practicing and jamming guitar, so when I said lets start a band, I assumed he would play piano/sing, and Rhys and myself would be the guitarists. Once Spencer told me he didn't want to play Piano because it didn't “look cool” and wanted to play guitar instead, we were stuck in a crossroads. Since Rhys was 2 years younger than us anyway, and we didn't think 3 guitars would work, we unfortunately had to kick Rhys out of the band. He of course rejoined a year later when we realised that it didn't quite feel right without Rhys. Photo below is our first gig ever in 2017 as “Gemini Talks’ before we added Rhys back in


Every year our school had a talent show, and after the Windsor event we were VERY excited to perform at this together. We did the same live version of “half full glass of wine” Tame Impala does on their live versions album, note for note. Can honestly say in hindsight we played the heck out of that song for a couple 17 year olds, but we unfortunately came 2nd to a year 7 girl on her Nylon acoustic guitar singing a Justin Bieber song. What can ya do.


The class of 2015 at Cheltenham Secondary College hosted the inaugural Year 12 Boys Beer Pong day. An ingenious idea to have a huge tournament with partners dressed up together as an iconic duo. Oli, Dennis and Spencer year 12 year was 2016 and we kept the new tradition going and went even bigger. Buying a keg, multiple tables and a huge backyard for the festivities. Safe to say it was a pretty messy day but EVERYONE who came put in effort with their costumes. Below we Have Dennis and his partner (Matt) as Pedro and Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite


In our 2016 year 12 year, the game of downball was an epidemic, and became a seriously competitive lunch time event that hosted leagues, special event games and events, and even teacher involvement. We started a huge movement, and the “Year 12 A Grade” became a legendary group and league. There was also the D-League which had 0 rules and was purely about being as absurd as you possibly can be, a lesser talented league. Towards the end of the year we hosted a huge match which saw hundreds of people across the school attend to watch the showdown between the Year 12 A squad and the Year 11s. Both year levels put together a team of their 4 best players. It was a multi game series which ended in a draw. it was quite the event for the school

Supplied by Franjapan.

Stonewall is out now!


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