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Opal 67 is out now!

Image: Dale Menke.

Melbourne producer, singer, and songwriter Montgomery recently shared her sophomore EP, Opal 67. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things she learnt whilst creating the collection of songs.

Opal 67 is a dramatic retelling of the interpersonal connections I've made and lost while trying to navigate through adulthood. The themes found within these tracks are those of love, loss, acceptance and hope. I've been wanting to release this EP for what feels like a very long time and after spending two years at home writing and recording alone in my studio, while also working remotely with my friends Hamish Patrick and Gab Strum on co-production for a few tracks and Sam Sproull on mixing and mastering, it’s made this release feel particularly intimate which is something I value in the art I consume. I'm so excited to share ‘Opal 67’ in full, as it's intended to be more than the sum of its parts.” Montgomery shares of the EP.


Something I really value in artists I follow is being honest and open. Over the years I’ve kept so much of myself separate to this project which kind of defeats that as one of my main values. I’m not trying to hide anymore and I’ve been able to reconnect with this project in a way that I never have before which has made it feel even more personal.


It took me a long time to let go of the expectation I had put on myself in being a “producer”. That title felt heavy and like I hadn’t earned it. It was almost embarrassing to suggest I was one. Producing is something I’ve done for so many years and I’ll always continue learning and improving. It’s as much a form of expression to me as lyric writing is and I’ve never felt like I’m not worthy of writing my own lyrics. That’s been a big thing to overcome.


I’ve learnt the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. It sounds like I’m quoting a basic-bitch-meme but it’s so important in the creative field and “right” isn’t always the obvious choice. Before I could do this I had to dig further to understand what I actually wanted from my creative endeavours and what kind of team I actually needed.


Lastly, the best lesson I’ve learnt is that “music is subjective”. Nothing is ever going to be unanimously perfect as there is no such thing. I learnt to understand that “right or wrong” in music is always going to be limited to taste and the individual. I really tested my perfectionism when I started releasing a series of covers I’d learnt and recorded in 1 night each. They were rough and rushed but it felt so rewarding to share that rawness and realise no one is bothered by the small cracks and bumps I pick out in my own work. We will always connect more to imperfections and striving for perfection is a losing game.

Opal 67 is out now!


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