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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Seventeen is out now!

Image: Georgia Wallace.

Sydney artist Florian recently dropped her new single, Seventeen. To celebrate the new track, the singer has shared her top 5 sound-defining artists and producers with MILKY!

“The song speaks from two versions of me, one that’s the regular me, doing regular life things, having low days etc. and that’s kind of the verse lyrics, and then the wiser, happier, encouraging, love-yourself-version of me in the chorus who’s just like, “Go have a good time, you idiot!”” the singer details of the song. “In November 2020, I recorded the track with my band at FED Studios which is actually two doors down from me in Camperdown. It was honestly one of the best weeks of my life. The band who are on ‘Seventeen’ are Ollie Thorpe (Guitar), Elliott Hitchcock (Bass), Harry Sutherland (Keys) & Miles Thomas (Drums). Ollie Thorpe, who has been my guitarist from day one, is really heavily featured in ‘Seventeen’, and no joke when he recorded the outro guitar part, we were using a tape echo live at the same time, so it was recorded exactly how you hear it on the record. I bawled my eyes out. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. I still cry sometimes when I hear it, it’s my favourite part of the song.”

Here are Florian's top 5 sound-defining artists and producers


Choosing one Robyn song was way too hard, but this is the first song I remember pumping on my tiny mp3 player when I was like 10. Robyn is the queen of writing a simple melody and simple lyrics that hit so hard. Even though our music is pretty different I hear her influence in my writing all the time.


I only discovered Holy Holy in 2017 when they released ‘Paint’ and it was like someone slapped me in the face with all my favourite influences rolled together. Elevator is perfection in my eyes, the lyrics tell such a visual story and the music feels current and timeless at the same time. I definitely tried to channel Holy Holy’s approach to mixing live instruments and electronic production in my latest batch of tunes. That mix of synth and electric guitars is so good.


Pure power! This song just oozes vibe and I’m still drawn to it after listening to it since I was a kid. Pat’s vocals and energy are such an inspiration to me and the way she can be so vulnerable but powerful at the same time is a gift. I definitely used this as a reference with my track Yours & Mine, which is also a heartbreak song but I wanted it to feel strong and not sad.


Run to You is sonic heaven. The guitar in this track is so epic, and it makes you feel like you’re driving down the highway in a leather jacket looking cool af. This was a major reference for the guitar in Seventeen which has that crying effect through the whole track.


Absolutely adore this track. I’m a big Little Dragon fan and love how interesting their production is! When I heard Yukimi talk about the story behind this song it was so heartbreaking, but such a juxtaposition to the music which has such a pop, uptempo feel. Lots of 80s tracks like Teardrops - Womack and Womack come across as fun, happy songs but have these really sad lyrics and I’ve definitely been channeling that with my writing lately.

Seventeen is out now!


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