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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Good Morning is out now!

Image: Mitch Love.

Perth-based indie-pop quartet COTERIE have dropped their new single Good Morning, produced by Robby De Sa (MAY-A, Gretta Ray, Sahara Beck). To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY five emerging artists they think you should be listening to!

Speaking of the track, frontman Tyler Fisher shares: “The concept behind ‘Good Morning’ is pretty simple - when it feels like the whole world is falling apart, we’re gonna smile through it all.”

Here are Five Up and Coming Artists Coterie Think You Should Be Listening To…


Billy’s a cool cat man. Like a kind of Psych singer-songwriter living in Byron at the moment, I think. His summer-drenched vocal and somewhat confessional, abrupt lyricism is super effective, hard, Gang of Youths-esque. He’s got that 70’s surf/coast scene, small town, locals only kind of energy - that’s massive vibe for us, four coasties to another. Would highly recommend Lady or California; some of our faves of Billy’s. These tunes have all the anthemic risers with his dreamy vocal throughout… froth it!


We only discovered The Dreggs boys earlier this year after playing Nannup Festival with a few of their fellow artists. Everyone knows Xavier or Ziggy, but for us The Dreggs sit right up there when it comes to perfect road tripping music. Harmonies, acoustics and fingerpicking goodness, it’s that wholesome, organic fresh produce from the coast and just what the Doctor ordered - Give Myself to You on repeat.


Charlie is the absolute best; we don’t know her in real life but more so in the nostalgically crafted dreamland that her song writing takes you to. It’s this warm slice of Americana with a nuance of the simplicity in youth. “You should leeeet meeee love you...” We love ya Charlie, pretty sure everyone else will to! Highly recommend ‘Mexico’ off Charlie’s debut album Snowpine… wow!


Mako Road are a big situation and a little slice of home for us. A Garage Band from Aotearoa, - it’s Tu meke watching bands from our homeland on the come up and these guys find their way onto every playlist we put together. Wicked Indie-rock/Surf-rock with this intentional ‘boys next door’ production approach. If you haven’t yet, The Sun comes Up should take you on a nice journey to their new album, Stranger Days.


These songbirds are super new on our radar! We don’t really know much about them, but I do think this Auckland based four-piece is on a new wave, their sound is super thick and slick. It’s like Jazz went and made indie babies, and those babies were very good looking, intelligent forward-thinking babies. On that note, go listen to Cheshire from their latest EP of their namesake Phoebe Rings.

Good Morning is out now!


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