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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


GEMINI RIGHTS is out now!

Image: Supplied.

American musician and producer Steve Lacy has taken the world by storm this year with his viral hit Bad Habit, taken from his brimming sophomore album GEMINI RIGHTS. If you're loving the track, we've got you sorted with five songs from the multi-talented artist that we just know you'll love.

Across the album, Lacy takes centre stage as an artist in his own right and has created a timeless body of work that shines with innovation and is driven by soulful melodies and dynamic production. Effortlessly weaving together sonic threads of funk, R&B, jazz, hip-hip and psychedelia, the vibrant release explores the ebbs and flows of life following the demise of a relationship, seeking pleasure on the road to self-discovery. Conversational and relatable lyricism flow throughout the release, with Lacy's captivating vocals guiding us through.


Okay, to kick things off we are going to get a little deeper into Lacy's catalogue as a solo artist, with a track from his debut EP, Steve Lacy's Demo. The song in question? Dark Red. The down-tempo track is a sonically darker cut from the musician, and sets the tone for the illustrious musical odyssey that follows. A staple of any track from Lacy is a memorable bass line, and we have no doubt that Dark Red's bass work will be rattling around your brain for days to come. The track presents the thought that, the application of red lipstick signifies confidence and could serve as an omen your partner is ready to move on from you. It also explored the flip-side, that you may be overthinking and everything is in fact fine. It's worth noting that the majority of this brilliant EP, which the musician describes as a "song series", was created on an iPhone. Lacy recorded his vocals, guitar work and bass lines straight into the devices built-in microphone, producing a collection of songs that rivals any traditional recording setting.


Taken from the musicians debut album, Apollo XXI, this one is sure to get your foot tapping and your hips swinging. Firstly, those textural layered vocals that ooze character and charm are hard to go by. Then there's the hard hitting bass line thumping below, that drives your hip-popping groove, whilst an intergalactic sounding slide rings throughout. There are sprinkles of homages to the late and great, Prince, throughout the track, with Lacy's mesmerising falsetto tones channelling the music icon. The sensually charged release compares getting intimate with your lover and the games played within a relationship to times spent on the playground, running in circles and messing around. Apollo XXI earned Lacy his second GRAMMY nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album, following his work on The Internet's Ego Death, which scored a nod in the same category.


A fresh take from GEMINI RIGHTS, this one might have you reminiscing on a former flame, as the musician documents a fleeting and passionate reconciliation with his past lover. Featuring rising alt-soul artist Fousheé, the unity of both their easygoing and melodious vocals is a match made in heaven. As they feed off each others sultry energy, soulfully bringing the songs thematic exploration to life. Lacy gets his moment to shine as a guitarist, after all he first came to the worlds attention as the guitarist of a The Internet, delivering zesty solos that ultimately feel like the musician just vibing out to the genre-blurring soundscape unfurling beneath.


So maybe you're loving Bad Habits, but you're a bit more of a dance fan? No sweat, because Lacy has a collaboration with Love Regenerator, the musical moniker of Calvin Harris, dubbed Live Without Your Love. The acid-house cut is made for the frenzied nights on the dancefloor when you're looking to cut loose to a pumping beat. Lacy's entrancing vocals will become etched in your mind as he sings "I can't live without your love. My mind is always in a rush. Sometimes I love you way too much".


The likelihood is you've heard tunes Lacy has produced or written well before hearing Bad Habits. He produced Pride, a track that appears on Kendrick Lamar's GRAMMY Award winning album Damn, as well as a number of songs for Solange, Denzel Curry and more, whilst also featuring on cuts with Vampire Weekend, Kali Uchis and Tyler, The Creator. One of Lacy's shining moments when looking at his work with collaborators is on Jet Fuel, a track penned alongside the late Mac Miller, which he also produced. The dynamic release brings together dancehall influences with synth-infused funk work, a staple within Lacy's own discography. The beat for the track was originally created for Kendrick Lamar, but soon made its way to Miller, who used the song to explore the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.


Static, the opener of GEMINI RIGHTS, is two minutes and thirty seconds of introspective analysis, calling out your ex and moving on. This one is definitely a bit more left-field when compared to Bad Habits, taking on a moodier sonic palette led by glistening keys, but there's no denying the juxtaposition of vulnerability and power within Lacy's voice.

GEMINI RIGHTS is out now!


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