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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single, Baltimore, is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Central Coast-based punk rock quartet Deadshowws have shared their new single, Baltimore, produced by JackNigro (Skeggs, TheTerrys, PacificAvenue). To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 Emerging Artists with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, the band shares: “There was a group of people at a show of ours and they were acting heaps cool and loud and better than everyone and they just pissed us off. And then we started playing the show and they were front row dancing like they were our best mates, which ties in with the lyrics in the chorus, 'Slowish Soho dancing, everyone just seems so fucking fake'. And the rest of the song is about the ever-changing world we live in, and the constant technology that surrounds us.”

Without further adieu, here are Deadshowws' Top 5 Emerging Coming Artists...


Wurm is one of my absolute favourite bands coming onto the scene right now. Their songs are provocative, but super vibey. It's straight up reborn grunge, and they do it justice too. They’re all still in high school while playing shows and releasing music, and they’re already starting to get local traction. They have my favourite backstory ever too; their lead singer, Aiden, wanted to play music so badly that he joined his school's classical band, where he learned how to play the cello. But he was so sick of how uptight it was that he quit and taught himself how to play guitar by listening to Smashing Pumpkins and Silverchair records. While their drummer started out drumming for his local church, which you don’t expect from a young angry grunge drummer. Aiden went to school with their lead guitarist, Darcy, and they both met Noah (Drums) and Finn (Bass) whilst out skating. After realising they shared similar tastes in music, they all decided to join to form Wurm, and if that isn't how artists are meant to be born, then I don't know how.


Soda Simulator are a Gosford based band, which are best mates to Deadshowws. We try to organise as many shows as possible with Soda Simulator, because they’re just perfect people. They’re all great at their instruments, and they put on the best fucking show I’ve ever been to. They have wireless transmitters on the guitars and bass, and in their bigger songs or their covers (which go SUPER hard), they get in the mosh pit with everyone else and start thrashing around with everybody, still playing everything note for note. And on top of being incredibly talented musicians, their frontman, Bryce, mixes all their tracks. So, how’s that for being talented?


We’ve played heaps of our Sydney shows with Lucid Hoops, and they’ve never disappointed us ever. Their songs are well written and structured, however somehow different to everything else that I’m hearing these days and it makes me feel fresh to finally hear something so familiar yet modified. The lead vocals are strong but still delicate where they need to be, and their lead guitarist absolutely shreds (puts me to shame actually). Their shows are fucking wild, and the energy conveys to the audience. At a show we played at Factory Theatre in Sydney, they were jumping off amps and doing flying kicks and that shit was amazing. Lord knows it made me scared as hell to get up after them. Now not only are they great performers, but they have to be the humblest band I’ve ever met. They we’re all so nice, and supportive of all the other bands that played, and they create a general good vibe for anyone that surrounds them.


Now this band took my local band virginity. Before I knew any of the local scene, I held Trouble In Paradise on an absolute pedestal and aimed to be as good as they are. Now, we’re good mates and if that doesn't make the dreams of 17-year-old Massey true, nothing will. These guys have so much energy at every show, and it's enough to make you absolutely send it. I was actually out one night to see another band, but Trouble In Paradise were opening, and before I knew it, I was way too smashed to comprehend the headliner (that may also be a statement on my own alcoholism too though). Trouble In Paradise all in all are a super friendly bunch of guys that you never want to miss out on seeing live, as well as writing super fantastic songs that stick in your mind for days.


We played our Newcastle show with Chelsea Drive on our last local Tour, and they were kind enough to come down from the Gold Coast to do so. As soon as I heard these guys, I was hooked. They have a perfect blend of Tiny Little Houses, and My Bloody Valentine, but they do it in a way that's bittersweet, and makes you feel some form of happy-sad. As I watched them, it wasn't only the music that I found drawing me in, it was the actual performance itself too. They we’re constantly looking at each other and laughing, which made me feel like I was having a good time too, but their frontman's stage presence was incredible. The dancing and dramatic playing of the guitar only rivalled by Dave Le’aupepe made me feel so excited in chorus after chorus and had me getting messy in the mosh pit. They will forever be one of my favourite bands, and I'm stoked to consider them friends.


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