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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single, Now Or Later, is out now!

Image: Rhys Bennett

Sydney-based indie-pop four-piece 90ivy (formerly The Flowers) have shared their new single, Now Or Later, produced by Peter Holz (Gang Of Youths, Vance Joy, Peking Duk). To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 Emerging Artists with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, front woman Agnes O’Dwyer shares: “Now Or Later is our happy-sad take on a breakup song - we love exploring contrast with our music, and this track is a good example of that as we juxtapose upbeat melodies and instrumentation with storytelling centred around heartbreak. The track came together so organically. Tom just started playing around with this bouncy, syncopated bass line during one of our jam sessions. It immediately caught all of our attention, and everyone stopped what they were doing to figure the song out. Liam came up with his infectious, 1975-esque riff almost immediately and the verse and chorus lines came to me on the spot, which very rarely happens.”

Without further adieu, here are 90ivy's Top 5 Emerging Coming Artists...


Hailing from Los Angeles, Rollerblader, made up of Jacob Evergreen and Maxwell Flanders, are the newest band in town & their debut single ‘Heartback’ is ridiculously addictive. These guys are seasoned pros, playing with multiple renowned acts in the past. They are some of the best musicians I've had the pleasure of writing with and have started Rollerblader in the coolest fashion. Musically it's challenging the norms of a pop song, with a solo that melts your face and drums that show years of skill and precision. These guys are set to have a stellar career with Rollerblader with a debut single of the standard of this.


Melbourne based solo artist Sir Jude is one of Australia's most exciting emerging acts. Her dark, ambient music conveys emotion and vulnerability through songs like ‘Mama’ and ‘What the hell have you done’, increasingly capturing the eyes of Australia. Sir Jude has spent years crafting her art, even capturing the attention of her role model ‘Banks’ in a recent Tik Tok video, with Banks reposting to her channel. Sir Jude is bound for success as her art keeps evolving, not shying away from versatility in her craft, allowing her to be an extremely unique act in our industry.


Chloe Kay and the Crusade are one of the more interesting acts I have heard in recent times. Hailing from Sydney, they create a unique fusion of blues and soul. While this track has a sound rooted in the past, it has been built on by the group, creating a more modern soundscape. It features some cracking guitar solos and a mega vocal performance. Definitely a band to keep an eye out for!


Lady Denman are a fresh take on indie folk/rock that have been a pillar of the Canberra music scene. They hit the sweet spot between quirky and catchy. Tracks ‘Don't Date a Poet’ and ‘Ilha Grande’ have hooks so good I don’t think they’ve ever left my head. Their latest single, ‘Galaxy’ released in August, is full of warm vocals and melancholy guitars that showcase how well they blend foot-tapping groove with a powerful chorus. Definitely, a band to check out!


I‘ve been a fan of Coconut Cream since they started releasing their music back in 2019. They nail a laid-back feel that gets you on your feet or is perfect for when you’re just relaxing on a sunny day. ‘Your Drugs on Computers’ has to be one of my favourite tracks, packed to the max with hooks from the lush vocals, driving drums and bass, to the gnarly guitar riffs. They’ve got to be at the top of my list to see when live music is back in Sydney.

Now Or Later is out now! Watch the visual below.


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