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I Know For Sure That I’m Not Sure is out now!

Image: James Vinson.

Melbourne songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and film composer Albert Salt recently returned with his new single, I Know For Sure That I’m Not Sure. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five artists and tracks that inspired him whilst penning the song.

I Know For Sure That I’m Not Sure is a big departure from music I have previously released and features a lot of guitar,” the musician shares. “As I can’t really play guitar this became a really interesting way of writing music as I’m approaching it from a completely fresh angle, while exploring the idea of uncertainty and being stuck in a cycle and trying to break out of that. Whether that be a relationship or a dead end job.”


This was the main influence for I Know For Sure That I’m Not Sure, It’s a song I’ve loved since it came out. I watched a Vice doco about how it was made and it definitely was at the forefront of my mind after that. If you haven’t checked it out I would highly recommend (I know that makes me sound like the guy who recommend Vice docos but it’s seriously excellent)


I came across Beabadobee originally after hearing ‘She Plays Bass’ and later really got into her after hearing that Matty Healy and George Daniel from The 1975 would be producing her EP Our Extended Play. I absolutely loved it with ‘ast Day On Earth and Cologne being the big standout tracks. Both of these were very influential on the new single.


What a song. I’ve known Simon Lam and Hamish Mitchell for years, we briefly studied sound engineering together. I was a huge fan of their previous project I’lls and when they announced they were making new music I was over the moon. The track April specifically has been a massive influence on what I’ve been doing of late, particularly the heavy use of guitar. These guys are some of the best musicians in the country.


Another band I was introduced to from The 1975. I had always seen the album cover for their first record on meme pages and one day decided to check it out. Amazing. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard them before, and then learning about the history of emo and how the emo music that I thought was emo is actually third wave emo and extremely different to the earlier stuff like American Football. It’s almost similar to Sufjan Stevens, really great interesting rhythmic things going on but done in such a tasteful way. Very similar to Armlock actually, I wonder if they’re fans?


This is the song that got me into The 1975. I had previously dismissed their work, but one day I was shown their Reading 2019 headline set which opened with People, and I was just absolutely blown away. I couldn’t believe how aggressive that track was and how incredible the showmanship was. Right out of NIN’s ’94 Woodstock performance. I’ve been a huge fan ever since and they’ve been a massive influence on all of my work over the last few years.

I Know For Sure That I’m Not Sure is out now! Read our interview with Albert Salt here.


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