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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Nerve is out now!

Image: Tamara Cadd Photography

Australian singer-songwriter DREU.X has unveiled her new track, Nerve. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five artists that have influenced her sound!

Built upon atmospheric and spatial production from Melbourne producer Benjamin McCarthy (Gordi, G-Flip, Alex The Astronaut), DREU.X's beguiling and chilling vocals soar above a delicate piano line and hypnotic beats. The track explores unleashing the rage and powerful emotions bubbling within.

“When I approached Ben with Nerve I said all I know is I’m super stoked with the lyric and this story… I am not entirely sure what it should sound like, we’re gonna’ have to muck around with sounds and wing it.” “We ended up with this Celtic meets extra-terrestrial, dark, electric bop.” the singer details of the track.

“‘Nerve came to me in a moment of pain, frustration, angst and anger. The lyric ‘You got so much nerve putting out a fire you started’ was my base. I worked around that line. It brought out a truck load of rage and sadness I had been hiding beneath the surface, as you do.” “I want this story to be a representation of what puritycanlook, sound, feel like in the eyes of delusional evil.”

Nerve is out now!


I became hooked to Lana when I first heard ‘National Anthem’. She has played a huge part in my writing, inspiring me to write outside the box. I have her on replay.


Quirk is cool. I love her unusual style and unapologetic delivery of herself and her music. I keep Kate in mind a lot of the time when I’m scared to follow an idea being unsure if it’s crowd pleasing - when in fact I don’t have to please anyone at all but myself.


I found Fleurie years ago listening to The Vampire Diaries sound track and from then on I found so many of her songs in movie soundtracks. She unlocked my love for epic cinematic music and since then I have been hooked. I bring a little bit of that into Nerve.


I never get sick of listening to these guys. I draw a lot of inspo from their prod and absolutely love how they mold emotional stories into this foot tapping rhythm. Something I struggle with is writing emo songs and not knowing how to bring them up.


Who doesn’t look up to this woman? I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac so Stevie has definitely left a mark on me from an early age. She inspires me in every way possible.

Nerve is out now!


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