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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Their new single Prove Me Wrong is out now!

Image: Rhys Bennett.

Last month, Sydney-based punk band FANGZ dropped their new single, Prove Me Wrong. To celebrate the release, the four-piece have shared their dream rider with MILKY! Check out their picks below.

Speaking of the release, bassist co-lyricist Jameel Majam shares: “On the 25th of May 2020, George Floyd was murdered by police which sparked an uproar throughout the world. For the first time, I heard friends actually discussing and being confronted with world issues. A close friend said, ‘I don’t see colour,’ which made me think, well, then you don’t see others experience or struggle. Another friend said, ‘The system is broken,’ instead of recognising the system isn’t broken; the system is working exactly as it was designed to. It eventually dawned on me 90% of our media is controlled by one person. We’re taught to actively read the news growing up as that’s what ‘adults’ do and that is what ‘smart’ people do - but if we only ingest corporate media on a regular basis, then we will only be hearing one side of the story. We’re living in an age where we have the greatest access to knowledge ever - we can’t just accept everything we read. We must challenge everything, ourselves and our own perspectives.

Prove Me Wrong is out now! Check out FANGZ dream rider below.


Everyone knows us for wearing matching Adidas tracksuits. You know what's really expensive and smells really bad after doing 3 back-to-back shows and pouring beer all over yourselves every night? Adidas Tracksuits. If all gigs could provide these that would be amazing. At a pinch a washer with liquid and dryer that completed a full cycle in 15 mins would suffice.


Vodka is the chameleon of drinks. You can use it in literally everything. We’re very partial to our signature cocktail “The Volo'' which is 3 cubes of ice, 2 shots of Solo and then topped vodka. Another member of our band also has a signature cocktail, I won't mention his name, but the cocktail is called The Woodhead. The Woodhead is a simple cocktail served in a champagne flute ideally, consisting of one shot of the cheapest vodka you can find in the vicinity, topped up with ideally the most expensive champagne in the vicinity. Vodka is also great with breakfast mimosas, bloody Mary’s, and white trash Russians (Blueberry yoghurt and vodka) and even in my signature Penna Alla Vodka pasta, essentially rounding out the 5 essential food groups right there.

Image: Supplied.


Where vodka is the chameleon of drinks, I feel Diemens hot sauce is the chameleon of hot sauces. It's like tabasco only about 3000x tastier, and a lot hotter. It's bloody great on any food, even bringing food that you didn't think was edible back to life. It's also the perfect hot sauce for your morning recovery bloody Mary. A word of warning. If you get it on your hands, make sure you wash them before visiting the restroom.


Few things kick the serotonin system back into gear whilst driving down the Hume highway to the next show quite like Billy Birmingham’s impressions of the Australian Cricket Commentary team rehearsing the Sri Lankan players names. An essential for any Aussie touring band that can’t afford to fly to their next show. 5 stars. Image: Supplied.

Image: Supplied.


If you’ve seen Antonio Banderas’s amazing role in “Desperado” you’d quickly realise that this isn’t the reason I’ve selected this as the 5th item on our dream rider. We are all huge South Park fans, and Season 3’s “Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery” is some of their finest work. It makes no sense whatsoever having this item on this list, but hey if Van Halen can demand a large bowl of M&Ms with no green coloured ones in it, and Madonna can demand a new toilet seat at every venue she plays, this shouldn’t be out of the question. Furthermore, seeing said blow up doll crowd surfing during the “One For You, One For Me” will never not be funny.

Image: Supplied.

Prove Me Wrong is out now! Watch the visual below.


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