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Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Four-piece indie girl band Dulcie have blessed us today with the release of their debut EP, Sake Of Sound. Currently on tour with Tyne-James Organ, the EP arrives via the bands very own label imprint Lapis Lazuli.

Produced by Joel Quartermain, the release opens with the EP's title track, Sake Of Sound sets the tone for the wondrous sonic journey that is to follow. With captivating harmonies ringing throughout the track, the group let go of a past relationship, moving on to bigger and better things after coming to the realisation the pairing no longer held weight. Beginning as a poem, Ethereal continues Dulcie's soulful melodies and superb lyricism, continuing our trek down the dreamy road paved on the EP

The happy and carefree Dust is made up of mesmerising harmonies, smooth melodic layers, beautiful arrangements and driving rhythms. Thematically, the song centres around diving into something headfirst, ignoring the red flags and soon after realising everything is not what it seems. The sonic soundscape and warm, silky melodies will honestly brighten up your day, and feels like it belongs in Stevie Nicks' discography, but also feels fresh and revitalised. Closing with Level Head, the four-piece end their debut on a high, cementing themselves as one of Australia's most exciting emerging bands.

Dulcie are Ashleigh Carr-White, Timieka Denton, Saskia Brittain and Madison Hanley, and are in our opinion, set to become one of Australia's best bands. Not even girl bands, just bands. Forming in April 2018, the four-piece have toured extensively, sharing the stage with other Aussie legends including G Flip, San Cisco, Spacey Jane, Polish Club and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. They've also played festivals such as BIGSOUND and Groovin The Moo.

4/5 Stars

Sake Of Sound is out now!


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