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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


LIFT is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist and producer Du0 recently unveiled his debut EP, LIFT. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY through the release, track by track!

This is my first EP and after exploring a bunch of different electronic styles and tracks in the past, I was keen to put together a cohesive group of songs that would stand alone as its own body. As a whole I wanted the EP to sonically be an uplifting experience (hence the name LIFT) but wanted to continue to explore a range of themes lyrically from darkness to light to reflect the ups and downs of life.


As the first song on the EP, I really wanted to start somewhere small musically and by the end of the track have built it into something big. Lyrically, Overflow is about the feeling you get when you meet someone who makes you so happy that you can’t hold it in. You can’t help but smile, you want to tell everyone, it builds up in you until you let it overflow.


I met Emily (who sings on the track) at a writing camp. We were thrown into a studio with each other and were given 4 hours to come up with the best song we could, it felt kinda like a reality TV show, but it turned into something amazing. I had the instrumental written which was some really simple chords on piano and Emily immediately vibed with it and laid down her vocal that just felt right from the get-go. It’s about love and the risk of letting someone go with the hope they will come back.


I played in a punk and metal band growing up in the years when I was really starting to discover music and The Offspring were a band that I was drawn to. As a punk band, they were always great at melody and I thought this could convert into a really nice chill-house track. So, Emily put her vocals on it, surrounded by an uplifting instrumental that was a real juxtaposition from the darkness of the lyrics.


I heard mou’s music and it immediately resonated with me. I knew he lived locally to me and reached out to him and coincidentally he lived just 200m from my house. He showed me a bunch of demos and Barely Breathing was one of them and I was drawn most to the vocal. He trusted me to add my production to it and after about 12 months and countless different edits we came up with something that I felt was worthy of the vocal and both uplifting and original. Lyrically, it’s about anxiety and that feeling of being trapped by your own thoughts.


Lost for a Little While is a nostalgic reflection about an early love in your life and the overwhelming emotions you have at that time. Looking back, they may seem small, but at the time it’s your entire world. Musically, I introduce the finger picked acoustic guitar to compliment the palette that I use on the rest of the EP.

LIFT is out now!


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