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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The singer will perform five shows across North America.

Image: Adam Alonzo.

Nashville singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy shared his new single, KEEP THE PACE, marking the first taste of new music from the musician since the release of his exquisite sophomore record, All The Ways We Are Together.

The thrilling release offers up a more rock-based sonic approach from the singer, as he navigates the toll and impact of social media and endless scrolling through curated feeds can leave on your mental health. Arriving alongside an official music video, directed by the musician alongside Adam Alonzo, we follow Dreamer Boy as he wanders through the streets of New York City, creating a frenzied yet vulnerable visual accompaniment.

Speaking of the track, the musician shares: “This is a song that comes from a place of exhaustion and frustration. I have been observing and experiencing the toll that social media, identity, and swift technological advances have had on my own mental health, and those around me. As an artist, it’s been a confusing time of figuring out who I really am. I don’t want to put on some act for my ‘brand’ or package myself up to sell. It turns out we all do it no matter if you’re trying to promote something or not, we are trying to convince others who we are. I’ve been trying to do some work on finding and rediscovering my pure identity, working towards self-love and honesty. I’m definitely not perfect but my eyes are open and I’m hoping there is a way forward that is more sustainable for our culture.”

Whilst no Australian dates have been announced, Dreamer Boy is set to hit the road across North America later this month. The run of shows will kick off on September 22 in Atlanta and continue on to Nashville, Chicago and Brooklyn, before wrapping up in Los Angeles on October 4. Speaking to MILKY earlier this year, Dreamer Boy shared of performing live and touring: "Yeah, there's definitely some plans in the works and I am just so looking forward to being back out there, it's like literally my favourite thing to do. We actually just played a show in New York recently that was a live stream. It was our first time putting together like a set list with all these new songs and with the band and it opened so many, I think just like dopamine receptors in my brain that had been like closed for so long that are like specifically for playing shows. It was just like, woo!"

Arriving on Earth Day to reflect the global communal spirit he feels with people and our shared environment, All The Ways We Are Together documents love and meaningful relationships, but also the effects that we as humans have on the world. Sonically, the hazy and sentimental body of work defies genre, traversing alt-pop,R&B, funk, dream folk and more, creating a unique listening experience.

Tickets are on sale now. Read our interview with Dreamer Boy here!


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