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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Ashamed is out now!

Image: Brianna Da Silva.

Melbourne-based artist Darcy Fox has shared her new single, Ashamed. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY her five favourite queer artists.

“A lot of queer people can relate to being kept a secret. No one should have to come out before they’re ready, but no one has the right to make you hide away or use their fear to manipulate you, either.” the singer shares. “That broken part of me is long healed, but this song is a gift to the version of me who so desperately needed someone to see her. It’s for anyone who’s ever been isolated by the shame of being who you really are.”


Phoebe is one of my all-time favourite artists. Her tunes are brutally haunting, but in a very clever way. ‘Kyoto’ is a certified bop - but when you listen to the lyrics they’re deeply sad. Which is my favourite type of music, to be honest.

But she also has tracks like ‘Funeral’ which grip your heart from the word go, then slowly crush it with every line.

I also love that she’s become an unofficial queer idol. It’s what she deserves.


Lucy makes some of the most spine-tinglingly honest music I’ve ever heard. Her storytelling feels so specific and yet universally relatable. Plus, the way she breaks away from the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge structure makes you feel like you’re listening to someone read you an intricate (and devastatingly sad) tale, rather than hearing a song.

I also love that her songs aren’t about being queer - the subjects just are.


I grew up on country music and Brandi always stood out to me as an incredible lyricist. She inspires me to experiment with my writing and not stick to the obvious route.

But ultimately, her choice to be so openly proud of her sexuality in a genre filled with heteronormativity and conservative values, is what inspires me most. She’s paved the way for a whole new generation of queer artists and I am personally so thankful.


Speaking of the new generation of queer artists: Katie Pruitt. Her album ‘Expectations’ got me through lockdown. Her vocals are huge, yet her songs all feel so intimate.

‘It’s Always Been You’ is one of those special tunes that encapsulates the feeling of genuine queer joy perfectly.

She’s doing some very cool things in the USA right now, but I’m hoping she gets out to Australia soon. I’d love to be her tour support - hint, hint.


MUNA is dropping queer bop after queer bop - we are not worthy. I love their alt-pop sound and the way they match soul crushing lyrics with the most banging production of all time.

I’m so happy they’re performing at Sydney WorldPride this year. We love to see a queer band taking over the world.

MUNA could write ‘Let it Be’ but Lennon and McCartney couldn’t write ‘I think that my horse is regular sized.’

Ashamed is out now!


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