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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interviews with the cast below!

Last week, Disney+'s The Artful Dodger hosted its Australian premiere in Sydney. We spoke to stars David Thewlis, Damon Herriman, Miranda Tapsell, Tim Minchin, Jessica De Gouw, Nicholas Burton, Kim Gyngell, Damien Garvey, Susie Porter, Lucy-Rose Leonard and The Rions.

Set in 1850s Australia, in the lively colony of Port Victory, Jack Dawkins, aka The Artful Dodger, is now a surgeon who still has a penchant for crime. When Dodger’s past returns to haunt him with the arrival of Fagin, he is lured back into a world of crime. From heists to life-and-death surgeries, to the harsh realities of the criminal world mingling with the middle ground and gentry, this is a tale of reinvention, betrayal, redemption, and love with a twist.

The Artful Dodger stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster (The Maze Runner), Maia Mitchell (The Fosters), David Thewlis (Harry Potter series), Damon Herriman (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood), Miranda Tapsell (The Dry), Tim Minchin (Upright), Jess De Gouw (The Portable Door), Nicholas Burton (Pieces of Her), Kim Gyngell (Black Snow), Damien Garvey (The Leftovers), Suzie Porter (Wentworth), Lucy-Rose Leonard (Nitram), Luke Carroll (Australian Rules), Vivienne Awosoga(Barons), Albert Latailakepa (Beyond The Veil), Aljin Abella (Offspring), Huw Higginson (The Nightingale), and Hal Cumpston (Bilched)

Jeffrey Walker (Young Rock, The Commons, Modern Family) serves as Set Up Director with Directors Corrie Chen (New Gold Mountain, Bad Behaviour) and Gracie Otto (Heartbreak High, The Clearing). The series is written by James McNamara, Andrew Knight, Vivienne Walshe and Dan Knight, with the story consultant services of Miranda Tapsell.


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