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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


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Last night, Sydney celebrated the second season of the award-winning BINGE original drama series, Love Me. Stars Heather Mitchell, William Lodder, Mitzi Ruhlmann and director Bonnie Moir all hit the red carpet at Ritz Cinemas. Also in attendance was Scott Tweedie, Megan Smart, Scott Tweedie and more film and television personalities.

The show second season reunites us with The Mathieson family nine months after the events of season one, where we find the family navigating the complexities of relationships when new love becomes a long-term proposition. Hugo Weaving returns as Glen, the father experiencing new love in his 60s; Bojana Novakovic, the highly successful, yet complicated Clara; and Lodder, as Aaron, facing the complexities of love, and new responsibility. They are joined again by Silver Logie award-winning Mitchell as Anita; Bob Morley as Peter; Celia Pacquola as Sacha; Shalom Brune-Franklin as Ella; and Mitzi Ruhlmann as Jesse.  

Filmed and set in Melbourne the six-episode series will premiere April 6 on BINGE.


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