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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Ohio indie-pop quintet Clubhouse have unveiled their new single, Heartbroke.

The reflective track recalls on past love, and the frustrating emotions that make you feel like you're going crazy. Set atop simple sonics, the captivating track is centered around frontman Max Reichert's silky vocals, mesmerising listeners within the indie-pop realm crafted on Heartbroke.

"For us, heartbroke isn’t just about one of our experiences with someone we loved,” the band share. “It’s a combined reflection from all five of us on those relationships that drove us absolutely nuts. When you love someone so much, but you know you’re going crazy trying to make it all work."

Clubhouse began their journey as a middle school garage band with original members Max Reichert and twin brothers Ari and Zak Blumer, embracing two new members Michael Berthold and Forrest Taylor years later in University. Developing their style from the paradigms of Coldplay, John Mayer, The Killers and many more, Clubhouse have determined their eclectic sound among the indie-pop space. Having toured with the likes of HAIM, Young the Giants and Foals, the band set forth on their dream of pursuing music to release greater records and perform around the world.

Heartbroke is out now! Listen to the track below.


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