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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


SOULACOASTA II is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Naarm/Melbourne-based duo Close Counters have dropped the second volume of their SOULACOASTA series. To celebrate the release, the duo have shared with MILKY their five favourite films about music

"We were blown away by the reactions to our first long-form body of work in SOULACOASTA, and still to this day the title track is a favourite in our live show with the full band." they share. "We now present to you SOULACOASTA II, a colourful sonic journey full of energy for vibrant club floors - sculpted to feel like a one continuous album, almost like a DJ set in itself. A 14 track expedition through soul, house, broken beat and beyond, with the bass and beats driving the vehicle as the synths, keyboards and samples decorate the view. This was an opportunity to get deeper into dance music and dive into niche sounds and samples that we’ve collected from trawling through movies, archives, digging through the crates across Australia, UK and Europe, weaving new inspiration and textures into our music."

To celebrate the release, Close Counters have embarked on a national tour, bringing their DJ set to audiences across Australia's east coast. Having already performed in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong and Quercus Park, the duo will take to the stage at The Grand Poobah in Hobart on March 4.


Directed by Brian De Palma, best known for Scarface and starting the Mission Impossible franchise - made this totally underrated rock opera in the mid-70s. It follows a nefarious music producer holding a composer captive to write a rock adaption of Faust. It’s super macabre and bizarre and leaves you lusting for more.

4. SOUND OF METAL (2019)

Sound of Metal follows the story of a heavy metal drummer who begins to lose his hearing. The film showcases a compelling portrayal of the struggles and emotions that come with the loss of one's sense of hearing and the journey of the protagonist as he tries to come to terms with his condition. Having studied audio, I was a huge fan as it uses various mixing devices to communicate the deterioration of his hearing. It definitely will make you want to be sure you’ve got earplugs at bay for live loud gigs

3. GURRUMUL (2017)

A unique and comprehensive documentary about the late Dr G Yunupingu aka Gurrumul, which was released shortly after his passing. Being blind from birth, it shows how gracefully he found his identity through music and performance over his three-decade career.


Amazing Grace is a film that captures a live recording of Aretha Franklin's gospel album of the same name. The film features footage from Franklin's 1972 performance at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles and showcases her incredible vocal talent and powerful renditions of classic songs. The film provides a captivating glimpse into the soulful and spiritual side of Aretha and is an essential watch for fans of gospel music.


One More Time With Feeling follows the creation of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' sixteenth studio album, Skeleton Tree. The film offers a distinctive and intimate glimpse into the creative process of the album and the emotional struggles that Cave faced following the sudden death of his son. The film is a mixture of live performance footage, studio sessions, and Cave's musings on life, death, and grief. It was directed by Australian director Andrew Dominik and is a big tonal change from his debut black comedy movie Chopper about Tassie gangland member Chopper Read. A real highlight of MIFF last year was getting to see this screened alongside the follow-up documentary This Much I Know To Be True, with Dominik giving a talk on the production process. It’s a heartbreaking but tender watch and a very special celebration of music and life, I’d put this as one of my favourite films of all time easily.

SOULACOASTA II is out now!


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