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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


RUNNING is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Eora/Sydney-based pop/R&B artist Christian Adjeisa has treated us with his dynamic new single, RUNNING. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY his top five up and coming Australian artists.

"RUNNING is my journey of grappling with heartbreak and search for truth, trying to outrun the haunting memories and painful truths of a failed relationship." the musician shares of the David Goldberg (Bootleg Rascal, Lil Spacely, Saint Lane) produced track.


Now these guys I've seen play a lot and every time I do, I leave with a new respect for them. Pat is the front man and is also a good mate of mine, as well as his brother who introduced me to the band and a lot of cool bands (shout out to Kienan that's my boy). But Pat is a real proper artist. Whenever I think about artists and bands back in the day and how raw and real, they were, it makes me feel sometimes that nothing feels like that anymore. However, I’m reminded of Enclave, and you can tell they have put blood sweat and tears into their craft and its dope. They are all insanely talented at their instruments and they are always doing a lot of good in their community.

They give a fuck about stuff and have like a cool real honest message in their music, I think that’s so rock and roll as they have this cool hard and heavy image/sound, but they are all absolute gentlemen. 

It's funny, Pat is actually a very soft-spoken guy but if you heard him sing you'd be like that is not the same dude. They have big and well-deserved things on the way for them and I can't wait to be at their next gig in the mosh as always. 


These fellas are all bloody legends and I've had the pleasure seeing these dudes shred a few times now and kick it with them over some beers a couple times as well. We just seem to run into each other, and they are really fun and a little bit crazy haha but they make great music. It's always a good day when I'm driving to work listening to triple j and they play the Tezzas. So when I get a chance to see them live, I love going and it's always packed, but sometimes I make it up the front row to get the best view. Everybody is singing every word and it's so inspiring as everyone’s so stoked to be there. Finchy the front man has such a beautiful spirit and it's hard not to be pulled into the good vibes he brings. They all have that vibe as a band; they are very inviting and down to earth people. Luka’s the guitarist and gave me a sneaky link to their new project and bloody hell - everyone is in for a treat cause it’s pure gold. Rock on boys, beers soon.


I was lucky enough to catch their set when I walked into The Botany View Hotel one night a few months ago. I didn't know who they were before that night but as soon as I heard the tunes from these guys, I was hooked. Picture this - all female band with hella cool vintage looking guitars / clothing and amazing hair just flowing as they all absolutely rocked out. I remember the lead singer had a tambourine that she played that put me in a state of trance like I was in a drum circle at a Woodstock. Not like, the bad crazy fucked one, but the nice peaceful ones before that.

I felt at peace and they all had this real classic vibe to them so you could tell they all grew on up some crazy good music and all have some amazing influences.The night before I saw them play, I was watching Dig, a film about the Dandys and the BJTM, so I was in a psychedelic rock head space and it was all just perfect timing for me to see them. If they had a cult, I’d join it and I bought a band tee after the set because I enjoyed the show so much. Even the t-shirt had a vintage classic style with black trims on the neck collar and the sleeves of the arms, which was so on brand. It’s one of my fav shirts if I’m being honest, however it's white so I get scared to wear it sometimes, so next show I'll buy a black one no doubt. 


First time I ever heard her she was playing years ago at Falls Festival. I had just set up camp with all my mates and then we walked over to a stage where she was playing a cover of the song Wicked Games.  Straight away I was like wow, and so was everyone else I was with. You had to stop what you were doing and just listen, her voice demanded it, and it was hitting my soul. As she got into her set and played her originals, I was a fan from there on out. I remember Young In Love was my favourite from the set, and since then I’ve seen her play a couple of times and honestly get chills every time I do, like the first time I heard her all those years ago. You’re just confronted by real talent, and she does it without effort. You can tell she was really born for this and she's a star. She is funny, intelligent and very sweet but also a strong and inspiring person to be around. Her recent albums such as Better in Blak and When Rosie Met Monsters are beautiful works of art, and we are not worthy. But I'm a huge fan and she's an Australian icon no doubt. 


The first time I saw them play was at The Botany View Hotel and fuck they killed it. I’d never seen so many people in the pub. It’s a local spot me and the fellas always played pool, have beers and bands would play often. Anyway, the lead singer Nick was there a lot too and we have since become mates but in the beginning, I was hell intimidated by him and still now kinda. He’s just cool and has a major star factor, on stage and off stage. But on stage, he really comes alive and has great presence, moves incredibly and his voice is iconic, along with his style. The whole band looks cool as hell for that matter and are masters of their instruments. Gerry the drummer is a hell man. I've had many a beer with that guy, he's always got a smile and a funny story to tell. I just really enjoy watching all the boys play, it's always a SHOW! They shred and the inner west is lucky to have them, and they have been and are going places for sure. 

RUNNING is out now!


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