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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Jealous After Dark is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Disco-pop artist Chase Zera recently unveiled four remixes of her latest single Jealous, with reimagined versions from Go Freek, Groove City, JOY. and Casual Connection forming the Jealous After Dark Remix EP. To celebrate the release, the singer sat down with MILKY to give her thoughts on each artists remix.


I love how Go Freek has pushed Jealous further into the dance realm with his huge tech-house remix. The way he has selected and chopped my vocals just works so perfectly amongst the rolling percussion and dark bassline he’s created. Fans of my music are always stinging for a good boogie and I think Go Freek has given them exactly what they want. I always thought the Jealous vocal lead would also work well with heavier and larger dance production and Go Freek has absolutely confirmed that with his massive flip of the song.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the way JOY. takes vocals and practically creates new instruments from them. In her Jealous remix she’s created percussion using certain parts and frequencies of my vocal recordings, blending them with her own original instrumentation as well, and it’s just incredible. Her signature atmospheric and etherial sound shines a really nice new light on the track. She’s very clearly put a real effort into taking the song to a unique and special place.


I have so much time and admiration for Groove City. We share an equal love (obsession) for funk and disco and I couldn’t wait for them to sprinkle their disco magic all over Jealous. The electric guitar especially brings so much energy and fun to the track, it truly just makes me want to get on a dance floor immediately. The disco string stabs are also a huge favourite of mine - reminiscent of Jamiroquai and so many of my favourite 70’s disco songs, so I love that added touch too. It almost brings the song into a similar vein to Supernova, proving (as always) that Groove City really just get me.


Casual Connection has such a clever ear - he makes the most of every single beat, creating such unique and intricate sound patterns with drums and samples. I think he’s severely underrated and I’m really honoured I got to host his remix on this EP. He’s flipped the original into a really sultry late night vibe that gels with me in the best way. I think remixers can often default to thinking they need to make the track bigger, faster, more layered, with more energy added etc. so I love the opposite approach of stripping it back, slowing it down, pulling it back in energy and letting it float along so effortlessly. Great stuff.

Jealous After Dark is out now!


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