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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Channel Tres below!

Compton’s multi-hyphenate trailblazer Channel Tres has delivered his new EP, Real Cultural Shit. We caught up with the musician in Australia late last year to talk about his musical output and more!

Across the simmering release, Channel Tres presents dance-floor ready tracks that unties nostalgic influences with contemporary sensibilities. The songs effortlessly weaves together 70's and 80's inspired production with notes of house, techno and rap - a trinity that together form the musicians self-invented genre, Compton house. Opening with his luring spoken-word vocals on Sleep When I'm Dead, Channel Tres's baritone vocals take centre stage across the release, bringing ear-worm melodies to life as he creates the ultimate retro-fuelled party soundtrack.

Speaking to MILKY late last year, the musician said the project is "continuation of what I'm trying to do. I think my couple last projects were like very COVID haziness, and like, just like me in my room not really interacting with people and just kind of just making what I want. But I think this music is more geared towards my live shows, and geared towards kind of a continuation of where I started with Controller and Top Down and different things like that. Stuff that you could ride to and you can play while you're out and stuff like that. So yeah, that's how I feel about this next body of work.

The musical project of Sheldon Young, Channel Tres made his debut in 2018 with Controller, followed up by a string of singles and five EP's prior to the release of Real Cultural Shit. Last November, Channel Tres visited our shores for a run of headline performances and DJ sets. The musician also supported Grammy-winning artist Flume on his Palaces tour of Australia.

Real Cultural Shit is out now. Watch our interview with Channel Tres above!


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