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Space Island is out now! Watch our interview with BROODS below.

New Zealand sibling duo BROODS have treated us all with the release of their fourth studio album, Space Island. We caught up with Georgia and Caleb Nott to chat about the albums thematic exploration, visual identity, their forthcoming tour and so much more!

Laced with moments of intimacy and vulnerable lyricism, the record offers an intricate exploration of grief in all its forms, paired with a self-examination of the impacts of grieving periods, something Georgia shares with MILKY was intentional but continued to reveal itself throughout the writing process. "It just kind of evolved pretty naturally... but we did go in kind of knowing that we wanted to express this theme throughout the album". The duo began working on the album following Georgia's divorce, offering up a cathartic space to process her own grief and the isolating space it exists within.

The lyrical intimacy is accompanied by nostalgia-fuelled sounds, heralded by a farfisa organ that helps create the realm of Space Island, and ushers in a new sonic exploration for the band. "It started as a sonic description of like something that we made" Caleb says of the naming the album. "Putting like lo-fi dusty strings and things like that alongside some more hi-fi in your face kind of instrumentation". Radiant and lush soundscapes are laced throughout, expanding their atmospheric indie-pop palette with otherworldly production and beguiling beats that flurry beneath Georgia's ethereal and spellbinding. Largely created in their home studio, the siblings also enlisted Leroy Clampitt (Ashe, FLETCHER) and Stint (Santigold, Carly Rae Jepsen) on production duties.

On their fourth outing, BROODS have paired the music with stunning visuals that create a cohesive and captivating body of work. Caleb tells us this time around has been the most collaborative effort between the siblings on the visuals. "I think previous times like visually, the visual stuff and like art vision has often more leaned towards me. I did a design degree ... I go looking for a lot of visual art. But now, we do it together". Their out of this world visuals were inspired by sci-fi horror classics and split into three chapters that follow Georgia as she find her place within a desolate new world.

Kicking off in Wellington on February 6, the duo are set to bring their live show back to audiences on the Space Island 2022 Tour. The run of shows will continue on to Christchurch, with an additional performance at Auckland Arts Festival, with their Australian dates including a set at Factory Summer Festival in Perth, as well as headline shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Space Island is out now!



Saturday Feb 26 – Wellington, NZ – Lacuna

Friday March 4 – Perth, Australia – Factory Summer Festival

Friday March 11 – Christchurch, NZ – Town Hall

Saturday March 12 – Auckland, NZ – Auckland Arts Festival

Wednesday March 23 – Brisbane, Australia – Triffid

Friday March 25 – Sydney, Australia – Metro

Thursday March 31 – Melbourne, Australia – 170 Russell


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