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IN BAD COMPANY is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Australian singer-songwriter and producer, Bobi Andonov has unveiled his debut EP, IN BAD COMPANY. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking MILKY through the release track by track!

Penning parts of the EP at the historic LA home of Frank Sinatra, where he once lived with Marilyn Monroe, the sultry release captures the dichotomy of lust and love and how power dynamics can shape a relatinoship. Intimate and sensual lyricism unfurls throughout, brought to life by Andonov's hypnotic vocal performance that darts between chilling falsetto tones and his booming lower registers. Enlisting producers Dylan Bauld (Halsey), Ilya (Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and recently Sam Smith) and Rykeyz, carefully crafted soundscapes lure you deeper into Andonov's world as he continues his exploration of dark-pop sonics.

IN BAD COMPANY is about where desire dances alongside the repercussions of our choices and the inner conflicts one has with oneself. I watched a lot of films during the making of the EP, creating the tracks while having films projected on screen in the background to help with the tone of this project. This EP is only the beginning and is a prelude to the artist I see myself becoming.”


Late Text is a tantalizing and seductive track that marks the beginning of a new chapter in my career. It is a daring and bold exploration of the darker impulses of human nature, pushing the boundaries beyond my previous work. I delve into the grandiose, embracing a devil-may-care attitude and giving voice to the euphoric highs of indulgence and debauchery. The lyrics are a thrilling and unapologetic confession of late night desires, late text’s and an embrace for thrill’s of the moment. This song is a perfect anthem for those who are not afraid to be present and embrace their wildest desires.


Potential is a submission to the perverse intentions of a stranger. A willingness to be shaped according to their decadent intentions. Abstraction and absurdity dance with melody and rare skill, taking the listener on a journey from expectation and analysis into something more animal; melding frisson and fear into euphoria.


Freeform was created out of a dream studio session in L.A at Frank Sinatra's old residence with writer Trey Cambell and producer Oscar Gorres (Lauv ft Troye Sivan - I’m so tired, Troye Sivan - My My My!). This song is about letting love freely define itself not rushing into it. Similar to a painting. You never know what you’re creating until the piece art reveals itself, let it free form we can call this thing whatever we want, Is it love we’re making? Too early to shape it, baby just let it free form.


This song highlights the captivating allure of mystery, drawing attention to the dangerous nature of attraction rooted in misguided intentions. The verse, "You don't know too much about me, cause I keep you in the dark and I know that’s why you want me, but it might tear us apart," encapsulates the core essence of the song, intertwining desire and the imminent threat of rupture.


Bad Decisions is a propulsive and elusive kissoff with mysterious chords ushering in the cinematic chorus. “Maybe we can make some Bad Decisions. I love how you f__ him when you’re jealous. Got you in the mood feelin’ Hell- ish, in the moonlight. Got us makin’ Bad Decisions.” The song is about finding someone who can keep up with your freedom, and your decadence, and the fun you can have exploring with them.


"Know it can last, like a climax, makin it count till it’s worthless... Roll uphill, climbin' down’s never easy, that’s why you need me”. To want to be someone else so bad that you destroy yourself to make them dependent upon you. Sounds like something that nobody would do, but I think perhaps most of us do this frequently. I love this one because it leans a bit more toward some of my alt influences like Tame Impala and Jai Pau. Dylan Bauld killed the production!! This was also one of the first songs finished on the project. When we went back to listen to the early songs in order to avoid recency bias, this one popped out hard.

IN BAD COMPANY is out now!


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