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Listen to Superspreader below!

Image: TK.

Rising artist Ber has unveiled her moving new single, Superspreader. To celebrate the release of the track, the singer has shared with MILKY five things that we should all do on our next visit to Minnesota.

“Superspreader is a time capsule for the anger, frustration and hurt I felt after being ghosted in the midst of an abrupt move home to Minnesota from London in 2021. It truly is a long story, but this song pulls me back into a time where I was living in a basement, working two part time jobs, trying to distract myself from my heartbreak with work and internet dating, and ultimately looking for any remnants of my past in anyone new I’d meet, desperate for closure but also anxious to move on.” the singer shares of the track.

Ber will be joining Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid on her North American tour, which kicks off next month. The 12-date tour will kick off at at New York’s Terminal 5 on September 25 and continue on to Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego. Tickets are on sale now!

Hi! I’m honored to share with you a list of 5 things I LOVE to do in Minnesota. I won’t lie- its a broad list and it makes me sound like an outdoor enthusiast, but I think our nature is where we shine brightest. Come for the camping and leave with the deep-fried pickles and colloquial accent, I dare you! ;)


Potentially the most beautiful place I’ve ever been? Hiking and camping along the shore is second to none in my opinion, Temperance River State Park and Gooseberry Falls among my life-long favorite spots. I grew up thinking Lake Superior was the Ocean. It is stunning.


Minnesota is known for its snow… and its collective love for ice hockey. In the town I grew up in, we also champion our cross country ski trails, which are woodsy, cross over rivers and tucked in the hilly countryside. I grew up skiing with my family and its something I look forward to every winter. But also hockey games. Whether it be a college game (Go Beavers!!) or at a home game for the Minnesotas Wild, the atmosphere is great, the players are cute, the beer is warmer than the rink and frankly the fans are nuts. Whats not to love.


We have so many legendary venues in the twin cities that not only make for a good stop for touring artists at all stages in their careers, but the local music scene is rich here. It truly is a pleasure to be apart of it. First Avenue, The Armory, The Amsterdam, The Turf Club and 7th St Entry are all on my list of recommendations for larger venues, but almost every bar and corner pub in the city host open mic nights and intimate shows featuring local artists Monday-Friday. You honestly can’t go wrong. Not to mention, Minnesota nice runs in our blood, and the audiences are always so nice and inviting.


Our winters are cold and our summers are HOT. I grew up sailing on Lake Pepin, the widest opening on the Mississippi River, and will never turn down the opportunity to spend a day on the lake. If you enjoy kayaking, swimming, canoeing or waterskiing, your’e in luck. (Theres over 11,000 lakes to choose from…)


When I think of home, I think of food, and the nordic/germanic culturally inspired dishes I grew up on. We love sauerkraut and pretty much anything that comes from potatoes. Though since moving to the twin cities, I can’t stop talking about The Himalayan Restaurant in South Minneapolis. Hands down the best jackfruit curry I’ve ever had, it would be a shame to gatekeep.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations, and that you find yourself in Minnesota someday. I will be the first to say it truly is underrated.

Superspreader is out now!


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