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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The band’s new single, Fast Machine, is out now!

Image: Billy Plummer.

Sydney-based garage-rock quartet Before the King have dropped their new single Fast Machine. To celebrate the release, the band have shared their Top 5 Emerging Artists with MILKY!

Produced by Clayton Segelov (Shady Nasty, Vilify, Father Deer Hands), drummer Gabe Jammy shares the track: The single Fast Machine was one of the first songs we ever wrote - in 2015 when we were just starting as a band. Releasing it six years later has triggered waves of nostalgia as we look back on how far we’ve come since then.”

Without further ado, here are Before the King's Top 5 Emerging Artists…

In the form of the UNSW Roundhouse gig bookers, fate brought our two bands together back in 2019. We played alongside this enigmatic five-piece as part of the venue’s Gigs in the Garden series. We were intrigued by their moody, left-field indie sound and could tell they were serious about their craft. A year later, they emerged from Sydney’s first lockdown with one of the strongest EPs we’ve heard from a local band. Their sound juxtaposes sneering, Orwellian, metropolitan nightmares with the blood-curdling roars of a wild ocean. We can’t wait to see what they’re planning next.


Sydney’s favourite anti-establishment lover boys are a motley crew. The frenetic energy of singer Dil Harre meets the brooding darkness of guitarist YZ. The quiet heartthrob Chris Payne, juxtaposed with the fiery, virtuosic Alistair Belling, makes for a genuinely intimidating rhythm section. The misleading simplicity of debut single, Bash Your Head Against a Brick Wall, was a red herring for the deeply innovative post-punk that followed. But beyond their status as a wrecking ball of blazing riffs and poignant lyrics, they’re some of our best friends and the loveliest oddballs you’ll ever meet.


If you took the sights, sounds and smells of a glorious summer’s day, drenched them with vinegar and chicken salt, and somehow converted that into a five-track EP, you’d have Keen’s Mustard’s Dijon. In 2018, we’d just started playing real gigs and stumbled into Newtown’s Hideaway Bar for a show. There, we met this loveable crew - who lit up our evening with their unique brand of catchy riffs and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Three years later, Keen’s are going strong - still churning out waves of refreshing indie-rock, bound to cool you down on a hot day.


This band is a psychedelic cauldron of indie, reggae, garage rock, dub, and everything in between. Our friendship with guitarist Jordan Kenny soon drew us into their happy-go-lucky carnival, and we couldn’t have been happier. Playing alongside this band at 2020’s Greenhaus Festival was a blessing; watching these four cosmonauts blaze through a galaxy of sound was awe-inspiring. If you’re fans of any of the above genres - or any genre at all - you’ll love Cosy Bosom. Welcome to their world…


Picture this: a cool summer’s night. A garden dressed up in fairy lights and tapestries, doused in the moonlight. And there, on a stage of planks and milk crates - Bangkok Dangerous. A perfect soundtrack to the evening - the four-piece have nailed their unique, syrupy elixir of neo-soul. Helplessly, we surrendered to their siren song and have been enamoured ever since. But no matter how many times we’ve seen them and how many streams we’ve given their music, nothing will compare to that first night under the stars.


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