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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos

Last night, Bad Pony made their return to the stage, performing two intimate shows at The Lansdowne in Sydney. Fresh off the release of their latest track, Hold Choke, the Melbourne based five-piece were joined by Mimi The Desert Pearl.

Known for their high energy and interactive shows, the band kept the energy up to deliver an impeccable socially distanced show. Bringing their signature fusion of dark electric rock, the night was full of erratic drumming from frontman and drummer Jarred Young, catchy as hell riffs and licks from guitarists Sam Thomlinson and Cron Van Nierick, epic bass lines from Mark Webber and scintillating synths by Isaac Chamberlin. Playing through fan favourites such as Zombie and Down To You, the treated audience members to a hand full of new tracks, set to appear on their upcoming body of work due out next year.

The performance expertly showcased not only each band members skills as an instrumentalist, but also their vocal prowess. Young captivated the audience with his commanding vocals, with mesmerising harmonies from the remainder of the band swelling throughout the venue. The staging was unique and refreshing, with Young’s erratic and stellar drumming taking centre stage with his band mates revolving around him. Never a dull moment, the five-piece frequently interacted with audience members who were trying their hardest to stay seated whilst the pulsating performance took over. Webber gave his parents in the crowd a special shout-out which prompted the venue to erupt in applause.

From the minute Bad Pony stepped on stage, they crafted a captivating and exhilarating performance, never missing a beat. The band have also filmed two guitar lesson walkthroughs of fan favourite tracks Zombie and Down To You, available to watch exclusively on MILKY.

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