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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

If you were looking for something to do during your Christmas break, why not pick up the guitar and learn a few new songs? Well that’s exactly what Bad Pony think you should do! The indie-rock five piece have filmed two guitar lesson walkthroughs of fan favourite tracks Zombie and Down To You, available to watch exclusively on MILKY.

With band member Sam Thomlinson walking you through the tutorial, the musician also unpacks the theory behind each track, offering fans a rare insight into the context of the songs. Taking place over two weeks, Thomlinson will teach you how to play each song, kicking off today with Zombie. The track is complete with a flurry of heavy guitar breakdowns, dynamically gliding between the juxtaposing loud and soft sonic sounds made famous by alt-rock bands in the 90’s. Moving between open strumming and picked melodies, Zombie is a great place to start in this series of tutorials.

“Both of these songs are a big deal for us as a band. They were the first two songs where the crowd first really got involved in live shows. I remember a few years back, Jarred just dropping out of the chorus for Down to You and the crowd had him covered, sang the whole thing word for word. It was surreal. We’ve had a similar response with Zombie, though I don’t think anyone has a clue what the lyrics actually are (my self included). I thought it would be cool to revisit this in a more inclusive sense. Show people the chords, the theory behind the music, just to give the songs a little more context. I guess in times like these there are a lot of people hanging at home noodling around on instruments, having a time. I just hope a couple of people get something out of these videos and can have a bit of fun playing our songs. Also, music theory is cool. And everyone should give a shit about it, and try to understand it better. Once you can speak the ‘language of music’ (as pretentious as that sounds) you can start to engage with other musicians and share together, and it’s amazing.”

Since they burst onto the scene, Bad Pony have eleven national tours, two EP’s and a performance at SxSW 2018 under their belt. With their 2020 plans coming to a halt, Young relocated to a small Queensland town to begin working on their sophomore record. The band have also recently signed a booking deal with The Harbour Agency and released their latest single, Hold Choke.

Living in different states due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bad Pony recorded an exclusive live performance of Tessellate, filmed from their homes. After longing to get back to performing live for the majority of 2020, the band will make their grand return to the stage this Friday night for two intimate performances at The Lansdowne in Sydney. Tickets are on sale now!

Watch Sam Thomlinson's guitar lesson walkthrough of Zombie above!


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