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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Young Love is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Mulubinba/Newcastle post-punk artist Atlas Franklin Alexander has shared his new single, Young Love. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five things he think are necessary to survive a post-apocalyptic scenario.

"Young Love features storylines of overcoming adversity and finding the resilience to get back up and keep moving forward. It speaks of finding the strength to keep going even when everything feels like it's falling apart." the musician shares of the track.

As our reality grows more and more insane daily, the possibility of a world-shattering event becomes more and more likely to happen. If you are new to earth and prepping, you may be lost when picking items for your first survival kit. Below are 5 of the things I would recommend.


This can be water, alcohol, fuel, Coke Zero, vape fluid, or whatever liquid you need to pack. The last thing you need is to be stranded in the middle of the woods with no bong water, an empty vape, no pineapple juice to mix with your vodka and zero petrol left to get anywhere. You’ll just be stuck in the woods, surrounded by entities that want to destroy you. This scenario would be much more digestible, slightly tipsy and high.


Firstly, I much prefer calling horses - horsey’s. It’s way more fun. Now, having a horsey will cut out the need for fuel and constantly trying to fill up your vehicle with petrol to get from A to B. A horsey can be a form of transport as well as a friend.


Personal safety becomes a top priority in a chaotic world with limited resources. Having weapons for self-defence and tools for survival, such as a multi-tool or knife, can greatly increase your chances of survival. I’d suggest investing in a samurai sword. It looks cool, and you don’t need to load it like a gun. Blade was a great movie and has lots of tips when it comes to surviving. Refer to the Wesley Snipes ‘Blade’ trilogy movie for details. 


Having food initially will be a massive advantage, but realistically, when a few months pass, you’ll be out of food and need to hunt or go fishing. I'd suggest going to ALDI ASAP and purchasing cans of tuna; if vegan, I’d go with cans of beans. In the mystery middle isles of ALDI, there are always surprises on great random deals. There would have to be a sale on fishing rods atm. So, I’d grab a fishing rod too.


In the event of a nuclear or biological attack, you will need protective gear such as gas masks, hazmat suits, and gloves. WW3 seems to be just around the corner, so I’d get myself to Bunnings first for a $2 snag sandwich, then get into the PPE section and stock up on everything.

Young Love is out now!


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