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  • Katerina Papathanasopoulos


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Image: Hachette Australia.

The Rule Book is a great companion novel to The Cheat Sheet (another 5 star read), and this particular gem will have you laughing, crying and feeling so many emotions. It was great to see beloved characters return to continue their stories - something you don't see often enough, and if you do it's not to the level achieved in The Rule Book

Sarah Adams always succeeds when writing about support systems within relationships. It was genuinely heartwarming to read these sweet scenes within the novel, coming from both friends and family. It’s also a plus when you know what the premise of a novel is, but become so engrossed in the storytelling ability of the author that the twist takes you by surprise. 

The plot was great, and the authors take on beloved tropes and her descriptions of both characters and scenes captivated the imagination. Adams has done it again. 

“When I say that writing this book was FUN 🤩 It was so good to get the guys all back together again. There's actually several more scenes where they are all together..but I didn't want to spoil too much. You only get a taste!”

Sarah Adams' The Cheat Sheet is available now via Hachette Australia.


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