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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with EKKSTACY below!

Breakthrough Vancouver artist EKKSTACY has dropped a double release, bella / i can’t find anyone, hot off the heels of debut his Australian tour. We caught up with the musician to chat about the release, his forthcoming album, the impact of live music and so much more.

Having launched onto the scene in 2020 with a string of singles, his debut EP NEGATIVE arrived the following year and earned the musician a wider audience. Featuring the singles in love, it only gets worse, i promise and i walk the earth all by myself, the atmospheric release is laced with echoey reverb and rolling percussion unfurling beneath EKKSTACY's hazy vocals . The collection of songs chronicles the lifespan of a relationship, and led us towards his 2022 album, misery.

On the body of work, the musician leaned deeper into his now signature rock-meets-new wave-meets-punk palette, and captures the glow of the Soundcloud era. Showcasing a maturity beyond NEGATIVE and a deeper understanding of his musicianship, there's an unbridled confidence entwined within the album juxtaposed by his often hushed vocal performance. His blunt and introspective lyricism finds the musician navigating life as a young adult, touching on themes of mental health, toxic relationships, self-destruction, fame and the desensitised nature of modern humanity. There's an underlying chaos present throughout, one that simmers with scintillating excitement.

Now, on his latest release EKKSTACY is offering alternative avenues of his artistry, creating a dichotomy of sound that expands upon his genre-bending sonic realm. He experiences love at first sight with bella, documenting the mystery that surrounds an instant attraction of love and lust atop a brighter, shimmering soundscape. Whilst on i can’t find anyone, a more subdued tone shift reveals itself as the musician offers spiralling thoughts through poetic lyricism.

Three years into his career, EKKSTACY continues to push the boundaries to create art that is accessible and relatable to the masses whilst also retaining a distinct creative aura that propels him miles ahead of his fellow contemporaries. There's an earnest honesty embedded within his lyricism, fuelled by his inimitable vocals and distinctly mesmerising sound. Next January, the musician will release his self-titled album, which is set to document his life as a touring musician and the highs and lows that accompany his life as an artist.

Watch our interview with EKKSTACY above! bella / i can’t find anyone is out now!


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