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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Monte Morgan from Client Liaison below!

Ladies and gentlemen, Client Liaison's sophomore album is finally here! Divine Intervention arrives five years after Morgan Monte and Harvey Miller captured our hearts with Diplomatic Immunity, and we're calling it now: one of the best albums of 2021! We caught up with Morgan to unpack the release, selling their soul, haunted studios and so much more.

Divine Intervention is another sizzling collection of bangers from the Melbourne-based duo, full of fun, energetic and nostalgic tracks that perfectly accompanies the thematic nature of the record. Opening with a cult-like welcome message, the main conceptual thread that masterfully woven throughout the record is the joining of ones body and soul to create the ultimate human experience. With vivid nostalgic production and smooth vocals, Divine Intervention storytelling lyricism conjures radiant imagery, laced with holy references that lean into the overarching concept of reaching divinity. The album is also a celebration of the avant-garde and the liberation that music can bring, laced with influences from INXS and George Michael that fuse together 80’s rock with groovy threads of of new-wave dance-rock.

Earlier this week, the dance-floor masters unveiled a limited edition run of NFT's, 85% of Client Liaison's soul. That's right you can own a piece of Client Liaison. Available through Serenade, the digital collectable will offer three separate NFTs, with one bidder able to take home 10% worth of soul, a Golden Ticket, a limousine Experience and lunch with the duo and their new album. There's also a limited number of 0.5% soul packages up for grabs, before sales close October 4.

Whilst the duo have unfortunately had to cancel their national tour and album launch show in Melbourne duo to ongoing national lockdowns, never fear! Client Liaison have you covered with a dose of live music, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Moment House. Filmed within a spinning studio, Morgan and Miller will be bringing their immersive live show to hosted by Moment House. Tickets are on sale now!

Divine Intervention is out now!


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