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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with SACHI below!

New Zealand electronic duo SACHI have unveiled their long awaited third EP, Breakfast With Ella. We caught up with the duo to chat about the release, the impact of live music and so much more!

The third release in a trilogy of EP's, Breakfast With Ella encompasses the unrivalled energy SACHI bring to their live performances and continues the sonic groundwork set out on 2016's Lunch With Bianca, and 2019’s Nights With Ruby. Weaving together captivating synth chords with booming beats, the euphoric release adds a new character to the SACHI-verse, exploring themes of love, mental health, emotional connection and the longing for better days.

The duo began working on the EP whilst on a trip to Los Angeles in 2019, before finishing the collection of remotely during New Zealand’s lockdown. The time away from performing allowed the pair to ruminate on on their live set and the impact performing has left on their creative output. Channelling all that energy into their new music, SACHI have created a scintillating listening experience, capturing all the elements we love about dance music and bringing them to you just in time for those simmering summer nights.

Breakfast With Ella follows a string of single releases from the duo, and features the singles Take Me Back, Down On Your Luck, Enchante and You (A La). With over 35 million Spotify streams to their name, SACHI made their triumphant return to the New Zealand stages earlier this year, performing a number of festival shows and reassuring the rest of the world that the show will go on.

Watch our interview with SACHI above! Breakfast With Ella is out now.

Images: Vasili Papathanasopoulos ©

Featured Songs: Falling Backwards and Down On Your Luck courtesy of Positive Feedback.


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