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Cost of Love is out now!

Image: Sam Brumby. Editing Giulia McGauran.

Australian artist Bec Sandridge recently dropped her new single, Cost Of Love. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY her six favourite female, non-binary and BIPOC artists.

“I wrote this song with dear pals Lucy Taylor and Dave Jenkins Jr. At the time, I was stuck in a kind of tug-of-war, arm-wrestle with myself... Weighing up whether a certain relationship was worth it (the unraveling of a thread, the push and pull in compromise, digging up old and new dirt)." Sandridge shares of the track.

"It felt like I had lost myself in a relationship that had a relatively frail foundation.

Despite the rocky-ness of the whole thing, we kept trying to build upon it beyond the used-by-date…I guess, we attempted to roll the shit in shit-tonnes of glitter to a degree. This song was my attempt to explore being logical in love and answer the question of: “how do you know when to call it before you lose all of yourself and in turn, each-other?”

The singer will be hitting the road this August, playing in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, supported by Montgomery and Huck Hastings. Tickets are on sale now!


At the moment, I have Becca Hatch on repeat. I swear her tracks are the perfect soundtrack for almost anything… I especially recommend Without You for those who love a sad banger. She also did a beaut cover of John Farnhams Burn For You for Like A version (a man after my own heart)! So… is clearly a big legend.


My partner, Nat Tencic and I saw Keahn in Melbourne a little while ago… It was right as Melbourne was starting to reopen (post lockdown). The gig was an all-Indigenous gal line-up, the sun was setting, it was outdoors (picnic-style), in the Arts Preccinct and everything felt…just right. Kee-ahn’s voice is honey! And I can’t wait to see what she does next!


Yen Strange is a fellow Wollongong-ian and is so ridiculously underrated and so ridiculously talented. I’m obsessed w her songs Donnie Darko and Easy Way Out. I’m convinced that Annabel sees the world in a different light and her lyrics are so special/unlike anyones I’ve heard in a long while! She points out the tinniest, most obscure details (it’s almost like being privy to a secret) and makes them beaut! “My birthday cake was all chewed up and you didn’t leave a piece…” Not to mention, she produces a lot of her own stuff.


I am obsessed with the production on Maggie’s new record. It’s so sample-y, analogue and gritty!! ’That’s where I am’ is my favourite of the bunch so far. ‘It all works out in the end, wherever you go that’s where I am….boulders all turn into sand” is my favourite line; it feels like a hug and perfectly encapsulates the inevitability of ending up with someone that follows you around throughout your life, who feels like home.


Listen to Get Up! This Canberra band rules! They supported my last Wollongong show and they WENT OFF. They simply just write great songs! But also, they are an amazing live band. Such a dreamy book.


So, so excited to say Mont is supporting my next East Coast tour! I can’t wait to see Montgomery release more stuff (I’m itching for it). I hate comparisons but for some reason they give me strong Grimes vibes, but maybe happier? And dreamier? Phoebe is also super hands-on with the production side of things, which I love. There’s so many amazing, genius gals producing in our country that need more recognition! Lavender Haze is the track to listen to…

Cost of Love is out now!


With special guests: Montgomery and Huck Hastings

Friday, August 5 Northcote Social Club, Melbourne tickets

Thursday, August 11 - Mary’s Underground, Sydney tickets

Thursday, August 25 - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane tickets


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