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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Release is out now!

Image: Maxime Thompson.

Sydney-based rockers 51st Avenue have just dropped their new single, Release. To celebrate the songs arrival, frontwoman Alynnis Zizza has shared with MILKY her favourite superhero films!

Inspired by the world of comics and pop culture, the electric release weaves upbeat synth melodies within the bands signature modern rock and pop sonics. Fitting right into your favourite superhero movie soundtrack, Zizza's soaring vocals draw you in, bringing to life vivid story telling lyricism.

Speaking of the track, Zizza shares: “With the superhero and metahuman craze on the absolute high (and having a slight obsession with Batman and Robin), Release places you right in the middle of that introspective comic book spread. Putting you back into your childhood self, when you wanted to be every awesome superhero as well as every badass super villain. Sometimes our grown up problems feel bigger than they are and can only be solved by our inner superheroes”


I have been HANGING for this kind of Batman. The brooding recluse, the acute focus on trying to actually do better for his family legacy as well as Gotham. I have been trying to fault this film and I simply cannot; every cast decision, cinematic decision is perfect!


The guys will tell you, I cry watching almost every movie I see. This one had me bawling like a baby. Groot and Rocket are my babies and Zoe Saldana is an absolute bad ass! Super funny, action packed and the best bunch of miscellaneous misfits for a super bunch.


I’ll tell you now… I cried in the first 10 minutes just from the music alone. It was beautiful! The percussion, the vibe and the cast! Amazing. I was in absolute awe watching that film and it deserved all the praise it got.


Confession time; I am an arachnophobic. This will not stop me from LOVING Spider-Man though! I was in year two when Spider-Man came out so up until then, I only had love for Batman. Tobey Maguire changed that. The only thing cooler than swinging around from a grappling gun was swinging around from webs that came out of your own wrists!


I am a sucker for anything to do with any of the Robins but this one always gets me in the feels. If anyone was to ever question why Batman leads the Justice League, this is the film I’d recommend. I also love a good John DiMaggio voice animation! This may have been the catalyst for Release. Well a good mix between Batman: Under the Red Hood and Batman: Death in the Family.

Release is out now!


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