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Boys Don't Cry is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Breakout Australian pop star Oliver Cronin is challenging toxic masculinity on his latest single, Boys Don't Cry. To celebrate the release, we want you to get to know your new favourite Aussie artist, so Oliver has shared with MILKY five fun facts he thinks you should know.

It is etched in society that boys shouldn’t cry, boys shouldn’t share emotion. I hope this song can bring awareness to the mental effects of masculinity, and the pressure for boys & men to prove theirs.” Cronin shares of the track.

He adds of the songs visual, “We wanted to create a euphoria type house party with some really cool moody lighting. It was the first time I’d done a shoot like this and everybody killed it! We all may have gotten a little drunk towards the end lol but it turned out amazing”


Before music I was on my way to be a pro cricketer! I represented my state in the u15s, u17s & u19s squads. I broke my thumb a month out of the u19s championships and all of a sudden my music started to take off. Not long after that I made the decision that I’d focus on music full time and never played again… I’m still a big Cricket fan and maybe one day I’ll pick it up again!


I left school at the start of my final year! I was a straight A student but never really wanted to do something academic, all I wanted to do was make music. Looking back on it, I didn’t really have too much going for me but I knew that if I put in the work I could be making music full time. That year really changed things for me. It was the best decision I ever made.


I’m very well travelled! As a kid we used to go on family trips overseas every year, I’ve been to nearly every continent and seen so many different cultures. I’m slowly ticking off the list, but I want to visit every country around the world.


I don’t think people really know my work rate. I think I’ve made over 600 songs over the past couple of years, most of them produced by myself. I always experiment and dabble in different sounds and genres too, there’s not much I haven’t made!


I wouldn’t say I’m a big gamer, but I play PlayStation a lot in my spare time. I’d definitely back myself to be one of the better FIFA players out there!

Boys Don't Cry is out now!


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